Wallaby Scrub Road closure

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Wallaby Scrub Road closure

Postby HVPA_research » Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:03 am

Council Meeting Monday 21 June,2010 at 5.30pm - Wallaby Scrub Road closure
The motion for the council not to support the closure of Wallaby Scrub is to go before tomorrow’s meeting.
The mines have managed to get an extension of their time for submission such that they will have an additional two weeks to prepare arguments perhaps to refute any submissions made by the public closing date.
We have several councilors onside but we need a public show of strength “bums on seats” if you can possibly be there please come and tell anyone else you can think of.
Alan and Judith Leslie

More Information

Mount Thorley Warkworth open cut mine proposed expansion
Singleton Argus, 21 May, 2010 10:56 AM

Mt Thorley resident Carol Russell who is wading through the document believes there are a lot of major obstacles Coal & Allied will have to overcome to get consent for this particular project.

The ecologically-significant 566ha that was precluded from open-cut mining and agriculture in the 2003 approval process is to be mined and will be subject to a separate government approval.

The Warkworth expansion project will include the clearing of a total of 764 hectares of woodland that includes the controversial Warkworth Sands.

The heritage significance of Wallaby Scrub Road dates back to the convict era, with a section between Broke and Warkworth being a part of the Great North Road and The Convict Trail.

Mrs Russell is concerned that Wallaby Scrub Road and its heritage significance has been completely ignored in the Environmental Assessment.

he lack of a Health Risk Assessment is another area of concern for Mrs Russell who believes it should be mandatory for any projects to proceed.

Like many others who are concerned about the impacts of mining and health in the area, Mrs Russell would be happy to see the project go-ahead as an underground mine.

“I don’t believe they have investigated this option, but why not take this mine underground and that would solve all of the issues,” she said.
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