NSW Minerals Council talks

Social, legal and health issues related to unrestrained expansion of coal mines in Australia.

NSW Minerals Council talks

Postby HVPA_research » Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:40 am

Article NSW Minerals Council talks BY SARAH LEE 21 Sep, 2010 10:51 AM in Singleton Argus

IN a bid to address community concerns about the cumulative impacts of mining, the NSW Minerals Council has announced a three stage community engagement process.

IS THIS REAL OR IS THIS JUST WINDOW DRESSING? Looks very much like it. Why? Read Comment to the article written by SPARKS:
All of this is just window dressing. When the NSW DPI sells an Exploration Lease covering your community you can shut the gate as the die is set. These confrontations are due to the NSW DPI issuing Exploration Licenses without notice that have no assessments or studies done on the Environmental or Social Impacts. It's bit late when the Miner has spent Millions to get the licence and will spend even more millions to develop a mine plan for them to just walk away because the community that they are going to displace or greatly impact object. That is why the approvals process is set up to always achieve an approval of the mine. Why would a Miner listen to the community when they know they are pretty certain to have their mine approved as the same Government that chose the Mine lease location, sold it for millions and is in line to reap more millions in royalties will have final say over it's approval. Unless these core processes are changed to introduce Environmental & Social impacts assessments that are done as due diligence by the NSW DPI before they sell off any more licences it will only be the same old same old unstoppable steam roller but with more feel good meetings.

Posted by SPARKS, 21/09/2010 1:07:34 PM, on Singleton Argus
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