Coalmine dangerous to public, says health boss

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Coalmine dangerous to public, says health boss

Postby HVPA_research » Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:39 am

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Article by Ben Cubby in Sydney Morning Herald today
Coalmine dangerous to public, says health boss.

A proposed coalmine on the central coast would cause air pollution leading to respiratory problems and an increasing death rate, the area director of public health has warned the NSW Planning Department.

A mining company, Kores Australia, plans to dig up 151 million tonnes of coal over a period of 37 years from a mine west of Wyong, but the operation would release a large amount of fine coal dust into the air. It said there was no public health risk.

Surely what applies to Wyong must apply in the Hunter and anywhere else - particularly to our own expansion of the Warkworth Mine, owned by Rio Tinto, towards Bulga.

Another quote:
Kores Australia responded to some of the pollution concerns, which include the possible effect on schools close to the mine site, in a report lodged with the NSW Planning Department in September.

''Detailed assessment by air quality specialists concludes that there will be no significant impact on the local air quality,'' Kores Australia (coal mine owner) said in its report. ''The project will meet all current dust emission criteria. The assessment has included cumulative impacts from other dust sources in the region

We have seen this one before too, exactly what Rio Tinto likes to say!

This is like Warkwarth Mine looked on 1st of September, 2010. It was a very windy day, one of the worst this spring, and the miners so it fit to fire a big blast!
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