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NSW dust control standards ramp up

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:14 am
by HVPA_research
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The article in the Australian Mining ( ) is mainly the usual "motherhood PR stuff". There doesn't seem to be much in the actual regulator enforcement area. There is certainly no acknowledgement that uncontrolled open cut mining expansion into the residential areas has anything to do with the coal dust problem. Well, at least we have the dust not only on our roofs but also on the government radar!

In a way typical for the commercial journalism in this country, the above article does not give a link to the actual NSW EPA document. They have probably never heard about, or
After some searching, I have found what might be the correct link:
Short URLs like these should be included in any printed material for the convenience of all readers
(, We should follow the same convention.

NSW dust control standards ramp up
10 September, 2013 Alex Heber

Amid growing community concerns over the potential health impacts dust generated by mining activities has, the environmental watchdog has launched the next stage of its dust management agenda.

The New South Wales Environment Protection Authority’s (EPA) Dust Stop Program enforces new standards on dust control, aiming to achieve an 80 per cent dust reduction by August next year.

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