CSG water should benefit existing users

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CSG water should benefit existing users

Postby HVPA_research » Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:38 pm

Queensland Shadow Minister for Natural Resources and Mines and Energy Jeff Seeney believes that CSG water should benefit existing users.The following quote comes from the website of John-Paul Langbroek, Leader of the Opposition, Queensland.

“The State Government should be using every endeavour to ensure that the purified water produced by the gas extraction process is used to increase the reliability of existing water supplies for landholders and local Governments in the water supply schemes that are currently facing allocation cutbacks,” Mr Seeney said.
“The Government has finally moved to ensure all the poor quality water extracted by the CSG industry from deep coal seams is purified by such processes as reverse osmosis and put to what the legislation refers to as a beneficial use,” he said.

“The most obvious beneficial use for this purified water should be to increase the reliability of the water entitlements in the existing water supply schemes currently facing cutbacks and reducing supplies.

It is nice to see that Jeff Seeney is so optimistic. He obviously relies on the CSG industry sources and they somehow forgot to mention that toxic chemical used in their hydraulic fracturing process are not captured by reverse osmosis. Even worse they also "eat" the plastic micro-fibers used in the filtration units - see GASLAND. It is a one thing to pump irrigation water from a river and another thing to artificially desalinate rivers of CSG waste water. This is an expensive and energy-intensive process and coal seam gas is a very diluted energy source. Last time we were going to desalinate sea water for Sydney there was a talk about building a new coal fired power station specifically for that purpose. It would be great if Queensland Opposition or the Government could provide some in-depth studies about the economics of CSG irrigation water.
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