GASLAND - fresh impressions from WA

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GASLAND - fresh impressions from WA

Postby HVPA_research » Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:04 am

Archiving an email that came to our website mail form. Everybody feels like that after seeing GASLAND. That is everybody, except the employees and some naive investors of the gas companies.

Hi I recently seen the GasLand doco, I was absolutely horrified. These companies are evil & the pollies that agree to let these bastards drill are worse. I am outraged & have contacted various state governments & the federal government by email to give them hell.

"You really need for GasLand to be screened on the ABC", as the other private networks wont touch it, bottom feeders swim in large numbers.

This may sound conspirital, but these companies are drilling worldwide into artesian basins, this is very suspiscious & worrying. I am angry beyond words I think a national protest should be organised for this, although I am in WA I still consider NSW & other states My home & backyard.

I really think the point in time has come to stone our pollies in public or at least hold another Bastille Day for them.

I am doing what I can here but will be doing a lot more in the future.

Goodluck & Godbless
John Greenham

Thanks for your note, John.

We have been fighting with coal seam gas companies in NSW now for almost a decade. We thought that we knew all about non-conventional gas such as coal seam gas (CSG). Yet, we were shocked by GASLAND just as much as you. I am forwarding your email to our mail list so that others can share your feelings. Would you like to subscribe to our mail list?

Since the last Saturday there is also a national Coalition of Coal & Methane Gas Community Action Groups that you can follow on Facebook.

see ... 98347&ap=1 or for short

We understand that a new gas action group is being formed in WA Margaret River area that is also under a threat from CSG.

Regards, Admin

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