Federal Government allows one CSG well every 4.46 hectares

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Federal Government allows one CSG well every 4.46 hectares

Postby HVPA_research » Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:56 am

This letter to AFR from Robert Barry highlights a very important information on proposed CSG well density. One well for each 4.46 hectares corresponds to vertical wells 211 meters apart. That corresponds to about five gas wells per kilometer. Of course, each well needs an all weather road and a connecting pipeline. The size of the AGL drilling pads is about 80m x 100m or 0.8ha. On the top of this lost area comes the area occupied by evaporation ponds for salty produce water. Obviously, Governments at all level do not have any grasp of the realities of the agricultural production if they even consider this sort of arrangement. Gas field at 211m well spacing is not compatible with any other form of land use. It is an industrial area.


When the gas companies here or in America come into a new area and start "consultation" with the local residents, they usually talk about well densities around 600 to 700m apart. The experience from America shows that this is only the start, as they say there "As for now ...". When the project is approved and the gas companies had drilled some wells they suddenly run into financial problems. They cannot make profit at this initial well density. So they go back to the government and threaten that they will pull out. As a rule, the government caves in, and some minor official then approves a much higher well density. No further environment studies are needed, this is only a minor administrative decision. Americans call that "in-filling".

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