Community Consultative Committee for Bulga/Broke disbanded

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Community Consultative Committee for Bulga/Broke disbanded

Postby HVPA_research » Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:27 am

This shows what is the real value of Community Consultative Committees for the NSW Government - to provide an illusion of a community engagement. If a CCC really fights for their community they are disbanded and a new CCC filled with YES-man appointed. CCC members should be elected locally and not appointed from above. This is why environmental protection in NSW does not work well.

Archived from HVPA Members mailing list:
<<...>> In what can only be described as a very extraordinary move today, the Minister for Primary Industries, Steven Whan announced the disbanding of the CCC covering the Broke Valley in terms of AGL, s activities in exploring for Methane Gas.

This surprise action comes at a time of critical review and shows the degree of chaos within the existing Government.

The community members of the CCC are dismayed and outraged at the decision, as Councillor Howlett stated today ‘’ it is the price paid for the community being successful operating within a CCC’’

The HVPA committee will review the situation and report back to members as to how we deal with this situation.

Please read the attached letter and respond to John Thomson in regard to communicating with the Minister in regard to this decision.

Stewart Ewen

Copy of the original letter from The Hon Steve Whan MP, Minister for Primary lndustries received on 16 November, 2010 is here:

Newcastle Herald is covering this news Upper Hunter gas community group disbanded today
Mr Whan said AGL’s Hunter Gas Project used two exploration licences and ran from Newcastle to Scone and Merriwa.

A spokesman for AGL said the company remained committed to community consultation.

‘‘We will remain open and transparent with the community about our activities while the review is undertaken,’’ he said.

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