Queensland Gas Company drilling rig in the flood

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Queensland Gas Company drilling rig in the flood

Postby HVPA_research » Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:12 pm

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This picture would be funny if it did not show how little QGC employees and contractors care about the local environnmental conditions.

QGC GAS CAMP ON property in Wandoan/Taroom area in flood December 1st 2010. The property owner TOLD THEM,"DO YOU SEE THAT TIMBER AGAINST THE TREES, THAT IS FROM FLOOD WATER, IT DIDN'T FALL FROM THE SKY."

They may have a lot of money and big machinery but Mother Nature see if she cares.

They called in to chopper the seven staff out. He could not take the seriously over weight cook in his small chopper because of weight restrictions and so they had to get a heavy lift chopper from the coast.

There is certainly a funny side to this but the company violated regulations by drilling in a waterway. In the past the companies have got away thumbing their nose at their requirements; it will be interesting to see whether any enforcement is made to bear over this incidence.

COMMENT: Somewhere near that rig under water must be a large ground pit for re-cycling drilling fluids. These are an interesting cocktail of chemicals, some of them toxic. They are now on the way to South Australia but who cares!
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