Fracking will cause 'irreversible harm'

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Fracking will cause 'irreversible harm'

Postby HVPA_research » Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:20 am

Now we have an article from a retired Canadian geology professor that condemns shale gas and hydraulic fracturing as unsustainable and wrong.

QUEBEC - A geological engineering professor whose specialty is rock mechanics and hydrogeology says hydraulic fracturing to free natural gas from shale rock formations will cause "irreversible harm" lasting thousands of years.

Read more: ... z1Fqtmqiqj

He is particularly concerned about long-term effect of fracking and cement deterioration retired gas wells.

But the companies' assurances that shale-gas production is as safe as conventional gas production do not stand up, Durand says.

Conventional natural gas can be extracted without fracking and 95 per cent and more is recovered. Fracking leaves behind a chemical soup that includes radiation, the New York Times revealed this week, and 80 per cent of the gas stays in the ground.

Even though abandoned wells will be capped with concrete, Durand points to Quebec's experience with crumbling bridges and overpasses.

"Each of the wells will still be there for a thousand years as the concrete degrades or the steel corrodes," he said, adding, "I would say the lifespan of a well will be between 10 and 30 years.

"So in 10 years, we will have the first wells that collapse. What will we do then?"

Anyone who took the trouble to research non-conventional gas knows the extraction technologies for shale gas and coal seam gas are very similar if not identical. So the argument of the gas companies that what they are doing in Australia is very different from the situation in North America is just another deception.
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