Industry Worries About Public Image

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Industry Worries About Public Image

Postby HVPA_research » Sun Mar 13, 2011 9:35 am

Article from the US blog shows that opposition to fracking is having an effect: Gas Industry "Industry Worries About Public Image"!

Hard as it is to believe, the general public isn’t rushing to embrace the oil and gas industry’s message that hydraulic fracturing is safe. And that lack of enthusiasm has industry officials worried.

A couple weeks before the New York Times expose on fracking hit the newsstands, Colorado Oil & Gas Association president Tisha Schuller told industry representatives that their public relations strategy wasn’t working.

This is how they see the PR problem:

“It’s not working if you give the impression that we don’t want to be regulated at all or think we should be able to operate however we please,” Schuller said. A better message would stress that the drillers, truck drivers and others working in the industry “live, work and play in the same communities” as everyone else and value clean air and clean water just as much as their neighbors.

Schuller added that companies need to highlight what they do right. Point out the key areas in the operations where fracking can pose a threat, such as surface spills and casing failures, she told industry officials. Then explain what you are doing to assure those operations are conducted in a safe manner.

Will the Australian "CSG-is-the-future" spin doctors follow the suite? NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT! However, there is a very long way from positive spin to doing the right thing by the environment and people who are forced to live in the gasfields.
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