Spring Farm gas well explosion - employees burned

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Spring Farm gas well explosion - employees burned

Postby HVPA_research » Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:12 am

This is an important news item from the Macarthur Chronicle (1 March 2010 by Matthew Ward )
Man still in hospital after Spring Farm gas well explosion that we have missed last year. This would not happen today because we have now a comprehensive "early warning system" - thousands of activists watch the CSG industry and report their every move on Facebook.

ONE of two workers injured when an AGL gas well at Spring Farm exploded remains in Concord Hospital receiving specialist burns treatment.

The explosion, which caused the drilling rig to topple, occurred off Richardson Rd at 10am on Tuesday (February 23) while the well was having a “mechanical device fitted”, Camden police said.

“This device was being screwed in allowing gas to be bled from the valve,” Det-Insp Paul Albury said.

“Normally a pressure gauge would have shown the amount of pressure being released; however on this particular occasion, a sudden explosion occurred of pressure from the well, which inflicted burns to two males working on the well.”

The men, both 25, were treated by colleagues until an ambulance arrived, which transported them to to Liverpool Hospital.

Some explosion if it toppled the whole drilling rig! The moral of this story is that coal seam gas extraction is a heavy industry operation and that it could be dangerous. Despite the claims of the CSG promoters, it is certainly not something that should be allowed close to residential areas. In our case, AGL bought a block of land in the township of Broke three hundred meters from the local school! They are eying it as a possible site for future gas processing plant!
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