Coal Seam Gas Exploration - Boonan and Gloucester

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Coal Seam Gas Exploration - Boonan and Gloucester

Postby HVPA_research » Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:22 pm

This is an archive copy of a letter that arrived at HVPA email address. It shows that AGL has a Gloucester Councilor on their payroll.

Dear Councilors

On behalf of “SAVE BUNNAN” I thank you for the opportunity to address Council on our concerns about Coal Seam Gas Exploration in Bunnan.

The presentation by Cr. Ian Shaw (Glouster Council), who is employed by AGL, stated most of the problems experienced in Queensland were caused by the Operators.

Coal Seam Gas Exploration in the local area is being done by SANTOS QLD.

In Cr. Shaw’s presentation photos of rehabilitated sites were shown. I suggest Councilors take Cr. Howeys approach and look at sites on Brawboy and Quan.

These sites are not hard to find, just follow freshly graded and rolled roads to site gates.

Members of “SAVE BUNNAN” Committee have friends and relatives in the Glouster Shire and they do not seem to be as happy with Coal Seam Gas Exploration and Extraction as their Cr. Shaw.


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