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Daily updates from LOCK THE GATE TARA BLOCKADE in Queensland are presented here for HVPA Members. For contacts and other details go to Western Downs Alliance site: http://westerndowns.group-action.com/.

Peoples Blockade Of Tara Estates - Background.
Posted by Debbi in Group action

Residents of the Tara rural residential estate and supporters are continuing their stand against QGC coming into the residential estates. This will continue for as long as we need to. All support is welcome, anyone who would like spend a day or more are able to camp at our BASECAMP which has toilets and showers available. So come along to BASECAMP anytime and help the Tara residents save their homes! Please contact us for more details.

The blockade is non-violent but determined. There will be plenty of ways that people can participate in the activities without getting arrested. Some, however, will be practising non-violent civil disobedience.

The blockade is likely to continue for some time, if you would like to come out feel free to do so. Just bring a tent, sleeping bag and mat, a hat, water bottle and sunscreen.Food, toilets, showers will be available at the base camp.


Peoples Blockade- Day 29 - Tuesday April 12, 2011
Posted by Debbi in Group action

Lots of activity today with QGC working flat out between Wieambilla Road and Robbo’s Road.

We went back to Bryce’s property, and sent the bulldozers and the excavator packing and saved one of the huge old trees from being bulldozed.

Our friendly police officers Barry and Simon called in at BASECAMP ROMEO today. Perhaps they were on a fishing expedition……..funny thing though they didnt have their fishing rods………….We have lots of people expected overnight and tomorrow ready to show some support.

Please remember though, this blockade will be on going so if you can’t make it tomorrow or the next day, just come on down to BASECAMP whenever you can.

QGC have stepped up security throughout the estate, and we are expecting a HUGE police presence tomorrow.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL some QGC employees throughout the estate have taken to pulling out on drivers, and if you do experience anything like this, please report it to the police.


Morale is high at as everyone is preparing for the coming week and our new visitors.

We would like to remind everyone that the Peoples Blockade is NON-VIOLENT but determined. There will be plenty of ways that people can participate in the activities without getting arrested. Some, however, will be practising non-violent civil disobedience.

Come on down to BASECAMP, meet new people, have some fun, and fight for communities throughout Australia, who will suffer the same fate as Tara, if we lose!

We welcome anyone who wants to support our NON-VIOLENT ACTION!

Peoples Blockade-Day 28 - Monday, April 11, 2011
Posted by Debbi in Group action

More surveillance today, followed by more strategy meetings.

New arrivals again today, ready for action during the week.

It appears QGC have cameras throughout the estates to spy on residents.


We can not move now, without QGC knowing about it………..Talk about intimidation!!!

This would have to be classed as an invasion of privacy………and to think our Government allows it!!!

Where are QGC’s MORALS?

So far we have seen assault, intimidation, invasion of privacy and we can only wonder what else!

If QGC think we are done, they can think again!

We are not prepared to live in a gas field, and we wont give in without a fight!

So PLEASE come on down to BASECAMP ROMEO, and support us. By supporting us, you are supporting communities throughout Australia, as they are next in line if we lose!

We are calling on our supporters to come out to BASECAMP ROMEO, and let’s show these people we are committed to WINNING this fight, and we will be here for as long as it takes!

Just a warning to anyone bringing children- DO NOT leave your child for even a second as QGC think it is even appropriate to approach children. Maybe this is their way of intimidating parents, or pehaps for reasons known only to the employees……….whilst the police stand by and allow it to happen.(Do QGC employees/contractors have a bluecard?)

We welcome anyone who wants to support our NON-VIOLENT ACTION!

Peoples Blockade-Day 27 - Sunday, April 10, 2011

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We have been out and about today, keeping up our surveillance of QGC, and updating our people on what is happening.

We are expecting more arrivals over the next few days, all set for the coming week.

I would like to take this opportunity to reinforce the message that the Peoples Blockade is NON-VIOLENT but determined. There will be plenty of ways that people can participate in the activities without getting arrested. Some, however, will be practising non-violent civil disobedience.

This does NOT include abusing ANY QGC workers, despite a recent report from one resident who is pro CSG, falsely claiming we have abused the workers.(Hmmmmm how he would even hear anything over the noise of the machinery is to be questioned, and as we only saw QGC workers and police, he must have really good hearing.)

We have video cameras rolling at all times when we are near any QGC workers (for our own protection as there have already been false claims made in the past from QGC employees/contractors as well as incidents assault of a by QGC on our supporters.)

We are calling on our supporters to come out to BASECAMP ROMEO, and let’s show these people we are committed to WINNING this fight, and we will be here for as long as it takes!

We welcome anyone who wants to support our NON-VIOLENT ACTION!

Peoples Blockade-Day 26 - Saturday, Apr 9,2011

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Today we headed off to Bryce’s property with the intention of measuring the width of the area QGC have destroyed.

The gate we usually enter was locked, so we opened the other one. QGC security stepped in front of the gate and our vehicles to try and deny us access as we attempted to enter Bryce’s property.

So we opened the other side and drove in anyway.(we have the property owner’s permission to be there)

We set about doing what we came to do. We took measurements, and we believe some of the clearing to be nearly 40 meters wide including the access Road and Pipeline corridor .We believe this to be a clear breach of the compensation agreement with the landowner

More QGC security arrived,and the grader driver that was right near the fence where our cars were parked was told to move away from the protestors. (I wonder if somebody has caught them up on safety procedures)

There wasn’t too much of a wait before Barry (our friendly police officer) arrived with 2 other police officers in tow.

We informed Barry and company what we were doing and of our intention to leave once we had done that.

Having done what we came to do, we proceeded to leave the property. QGC cars were waiting at the entrance as well as a couple more police officers. QGC were taking down our number plates as usual, and when Barry was asked how many police were here today he answered “I can’t tell you that.”

Hmmmm………….. Perhaps the Tactical Response team are hiding in the bushes?

DERM have sent out 3 experts from the EPA to investigate.

We have discussed our concerns with them, and they could NOT answer any of our questions regarding illegal activities done by QGC on Bryce’s property.

The standard response appeared to be-“ I don’t know at the moment, you will have to send me an email” (we all know what happens when you send a government department an email- you don’t get an answer)

The EPA confirmed that QGC had been informed they were coming out today to investigate illegal mining activities. (I’m guessing that’s why the sudden compliance with safety procedures)

Barry Naylor was all set to enter the property to TRY to serve us with his paperwork, but he didn’t get the satisfaction of doing that as we were already leaving the property.


We have had a relaxing afternoon, some of us went for a spot of shopping and some even went fishing. (Just as well Narelle wasn’t counting on cooking fish for dinner, cause they didn’t catch anything)

An early night all for everybody tonight, it has been an interesting week!!!

Peoples Blockade-Day 25 - Friday, April 8, 2011
Posted by Debbi in Group action

Today was rather quiet on the estate as far as QGC activity.

Perhaps QGC were questioned over their machinery drivers not having the correct qualifications, after being found out yesterday.

There is a QGC security guard posted outside Bryce’s property, as if to keep us from entering the property, when in fact it is QGC who no longer have permission from the property owner to be there. The police tactical response unit is still in the area, ready to act whenever QGC need them to.

So for the moment we remain vigilant, and do regular patrols to make sure we know what’s going on.

We have some supporters leaving us, with more arriving to take their place. Although we have had a lot of support so far,we would still like more people to come along and join us, share our experience (bring a group and your own group banners) so you too can make a stand and make the government and these companies take notice!!!

We need to take this to a Federal level. We took it to State level and Anna responded with a Police Tactical Response Unit.

Our recent welcoming committee at the Darling Downs Power Station have now made Julia Gillard aware there is an issue with Coal Seam Gas, but we don’t think she took enough notice. So we need YOU to join us, standing beside us, to make enough noise(NON-VIOLENTLY of course) for our Prime Minister to take notice and DO something about it!

We are not just fighting for ourselves but for people everywhere!

This is the first step in protecting our homes, our water, our air, our food, and our environment.

Our BASECAMP is open to anyone who wants to support our NON-VIOLENT ACTION, bring a tent and stay a few days.

Peoples Blockade-Day 24, Thursday, April 7, 2011

Posted by Debbi in Group action

This morning we intended to go and set up Camp Bravo again, but we have been illegally locked out of Bryce’s property despite Bryce giving us permission to be there.

The police are still acting on behalf of QGC and not the landowner.

Bryce’s property has been destroyed. The devastation QGC has caused is unbelievable!

If his was a 30 acre block as most blocks in the estate are, there would be nothing left.

There is still a strong police presence in the estate, especially on Mary Road where we made it clear we are still in the area, and keeping an eye on QGC operations!

We are rather concerned about the lack of safety measures in place around pipeline construction on Mary Road.

There are no safety gates, or taped off areas to keep residents away from dangerous machinery. Our understanding of it is that any sort of construction site/ works on any public area MUST have safety perimeters in place to protect the public. QGC have not done this!

Residents were able to go right up to the workers to see what they were doing. We found it rather unusual that nobody stopped us as we got closer to the workers. All that happened was one of the workers warned us about tripping over the hose that was attached to some sort of pipeline indicator that pumped 10,000psi of air as it could be ruptured and cause serious injury.

There was a warning sign on the pipeline indicator stating it was radioactive!

………SERIOUSLY?…….Radioactivity and NO safety measures in place to protect the public????

Also a matter of concern is the conversation heard over the 2 way radio that claims the machinery drivers were not ticketed to drive the machinery.

I wonder just who is monitoring this company? How can they be allowed to continually get away with this?

Turning the residential estates into a gas field, is a massive accident waiting to happen.

Especially when you have a company like QGC that appears to continually cut corners and breach all sorts of laws and regulations.

Meanwhile back at BASECAMP

Morale is still high, people are coming and going,Narelle is still cooking up a storm, and we still have interesting discussions over the dishes and LOTS of fun!

Coming up soon we will have Dancing with an activist……(our own BASECAMP version of Dancing With The Stars)

So bring your dancemoves down to BASECAMP ROMEO and stay a few days,bring a tent, sleeping bag and mat, a hat, water bottle and sunscreen.Toilets and showers will be available at BASE CAMP ROMEO.

We welcome anyone who wants to support our NON-VIOLENT ACTION!

Peoples Blockade-Day 23 - April 5, 2011
Posted by Debbi in Group action

Today we headed off from BASECAMP ROMEO in an eight car convoy to go and form a welcoming committee for our Prime Minister Julia Gillard as she visits the Darling Downs Power Station.

With around 20 people all armed with ”Our water, our future”, “Lock the gate” and “QGC don’t gas Tara” signs.

We set about making our presence heard, until Julia disappeared inside.

Meanwhile our friendly policeman Simon appeared as well as four others, to keep us under control. (Not that they were needed)

I find it quite odd that only 5 police officers were there to keep us under control around the Prime Minister and yet 40+ in attendance when its QGC…….makes you wonder just who is controlling whom!!!

On the way home, I called in at various places where there were QGC workers, and conducted a survey.

The workers only agreed to participate if it was anonymous.

I questioned 36 workers, and this is the result.

The questions asked where

1. Do you agree with your company’s decision to turn residential areas into gas fields?

Out of 36 questioned, 29 disagreed with the company, 4 agreed and 3 refused to comment.

1. Would you have a gas well on YOUR property?

Some of the replies we cannot print, but 33 said NO and 3 again, refused to comment..

1. If you were in the same situation as the protestors, would you protest?

33 said YES and again 3 refused to comment.

It just goes to show that just because these people work for the company, they don’t necessarily agree with what they are doing!

We invite any Gas company worker, if they have information of any company breaches, to speak out. You can remain anonymous.

Please contact us.

QGC has proven that they really are NOT prepared to work WITH the landowner, they do what they want regardless of the agreement in place with the landowner. We would like to thank QGC for showing their true colours, as finally people are starting to see how poorly the landowner is treated and are starting to show us even more local support.

Peoples Blockade - Day 22 - April 4, 2011
Posted by Debbi in Group action

This morning we started out at Camp Bravo listening to the devastating noise of the bulldozers, drowning out the peaceful sounds of the surrounding wildlife. The bulldozers were coming within 20cm of our blockade. (Somehow I don’t think workplace health and safety would approve)

We had managed to hold the line for 5 ½ hours before we received reports that QGC vehicles were headed our way.

When they did turn up, they had their new security team -the QLD police with them.

As it turns out, QGC have decided to push through the property despite negotiations being underway with our land owner and using the police to have us removed.

Barry Naylor, attempted to hand out his letter ordering us to move, but nobody was interested in either reading the letter or having him read to them, as we believe QGC to be in breach of s804 of the petroleum and gas act.

Having been unable to deliver this letter to any of the protestors, Mr Naylor then proceeded to deliver the letter to the front seat of one of the vehicles in attendance where a 3 year old child was playing in it,despite being told by one of the mothers that there was a child under the age of 18 in the vehicle.

We have also received complaints from a protestor who had been driving with children in the car, of QGC security following them in an intimidating manner.

It would appear that not only does QGC have total disregard to landholders concerns, they have also shown they have no problem with intimidating and assaulting protestors, and we can now add scaring small children to the list.

So once again QGC run roughshod over the residents, and are allowed to get away with it with the help of the QLD police force.

As we left the property and headed back to BASECAMP ROMEO, we noticed we had a police escort. We were followed from CAMP BRAVO all the way to BASECAMP ROMEO. It would appear that now you are unable to travel on any roads throughout the estate without feeling intimidated by either police or QGC security.

We are advising anyone who experiences any harassment or intimidation to make an official complaint.

Please contact us for details.


Morale took a bit of a hit, but as we started planning our next move, it picked up again.

We are calling on our supporters to come out to BASECAMP ROMEO, and let’s show these people we are committed to WINNING this fight, and we will be here for as long as it takes!

We welcome anyone who wants to support our NON-VIOLENT ACTION!

3-April-2011. Copies of letters received by HVPA today as a part of a Media Release.
http://huntervalleyprotectionalliance.com/pdf/TARA_Letter-to-QGC-30March2011-1.pdf, http://huntervalleyprotectionalliance.com/pdf/TARA_Letter-to-QGC-30March2011-2.pdf.
They deal with the TARA Blockade on Mr. Keating's property and the dispute about the width of the QGC pipeline access road.

Peoples Blockade-Day 21 - April 3, 2011
Posted by Debbi in Group action

Our friends from Nimbin are quite settled over at Camp Bravo,holding the line with their caravan and tents.

There are many photos on their facebook page- Nimbin Enviro Centre.

We remain vigilant, with some supporters leaving us, with more arriving to take their place.

Our Frackman will be visiting the Northern Rivers area over the next week, taking part in post-film Q&A sessions when Gasland screens next Tuesday, April 5, at the Dendy in Byron Bay; on Wednesday, April 6, at Ballina Fair Cinema; and on Thursday, April 7, at Birch Carroll & Coyle in Lismore. All sessions start at 6.45pm. He will also be drumming up more support for The Peoples Blockade at Tara.

Morale is quite high at both camps, with The Frackman- Dayne’s birthday celebration dinner out of the way, and the dishes all done(no dishes duty tonight for Dayne…..only because it’s his birthday though) it’s time for presents, then Limbo and Karaoke!

Woohoo….Daynes presents consist of…..a mirror(so he can look at himself more than 3 times an hour),English Rose pot pourri,some green(Greenies) army men and some orange(QGC) army men, so he can strategise how the greenies can defeat QGC.

Limbo was very competitive, with Dayne, Glen, and Sky thrashing it out to win…..It appears that Dayne won…(although I am rather suspicious……looks to me like there was a bit of a pity party happening and they let him win just cause it’s his birthday)

Same again with the karaoke……lots of really bad singing going on…….with The Frackman one of the worst……but he won yet again….singing a Wiggles song….”Wake up Jeff”…when asked about his choice of song he said “the song reminded me of finding a QGC security guy named Jeff, fast asleep on the job” (Quotes by Dayne may or may not be true)

All the guys singing YMCA (rather badly) was quite hilarious, but unfortunately there was no video camera handy.

So Please, Come on down to BASECAMP ROMEO or CAMP BRAVO and join the fun. stay a few days, bring a tent, sleeping bag and mat, a hat, water bottle and sunscreen, toilets, and showers will be available at BASE CAMP ROMEO.

We welcome anyone who wants to support our NON-VIOLENT ACTION!

We are putting the call out for donations, singing lessons, money, food etc as we have so many supporters we have to feed, and really bad singers, and we also have to pay for the hire of the toilets and showers etc.

Anything you can spare would be appreciated.

Peoples Blockade-Day 20 - Apr 2,2011.
Posted by Debbi in Group action

Today our friends from Nimbin have held the line at Camp Bravo, giving some our regulars a chance to relax, catch up on sleep, even catch some more yabbies.

QGC are continuing with the destruction , leaving a devastating scar on our estate, as they clear the path for the pipeline. They can only go as far as Bryce’s property though, where we have them held up.

Dayne experienced some Chai tea from the Original Chai Tent Recipe, and then someone had to ask “where do Chai people come from?” causing fits of laughter all round!

A big welcome to our new arrivals Tony and Sky, who have come along to support us.

Another Kodak moment this evening as Dayne washed some dishes for the second night in a row. It must be a rare sight indeed as everyone was gathered around to watch him. Then John, who is obviously housetrained, taking pity on him, took over to wash the saucepans.

Come on down to BASECAMP ROMEO or CAMP BRAVO and stay a few days,bring a tent, sleeping bag and mat, a hat, water bottle and sunscreen. Food, toilets, showers will be available at BASE CAMP ROMEO.

We welcome anyone who wants to support our NON-VIOLENT ACTION!

Peoples Blockade-Day 19 - Apr 1, 2011

Posted by Debbi in Group action

All is quiet.

QGC are continuing with the pipeline on QGC owned property, adjacent to Wieambilla Road, but have for now, pulled out of the estate(with the exception of the security guards that do regular checks at the gas well at the Camp Bravo site.)

The police presence has gone from 100 police officers in the area to 0. And we have found out that they are calling this particular assignment– Operation Juliet Quetch. So we have renamed BASECAMP and now it’s called ROMEO, because we all know what ROMEO did to JULIET!

We continue our surveillance, and are remaining vigilant, having made sure we have crews at both camps as well as out and about.

Today has seen some of our visitors relaxing and catching yabbies, without the noise of the destructive bulldozer destroying more bush land.

New troops have arrived from Nimbin, and for all those following Six Degrees on Facebook, Rhia Rainbow has arrived.

Dinner was an interesting affair.

We had Scott attempting to cook sausages,(a Kodak moment-it doesn’t happen very often) and The Frackman, never one to miss a photo opportunity, had them both posing for the camera, and Narelle was left to finish the cooking as usual.

Then we returned to the discussion as to who actually cooked dinner, with quite a few trying to take credit.

Evening entertainment was a hoot!!!

We had scott, who thought he was auditioning for wizard of Oz with a perfect impersonation of the wicked witch and Dayne, who thought he could do better with an impersonation of Flipper. There was also a skit from Chasers, which was just too funny and an outstanding performance by Dayne of his new dance moves, including an impersonation of a dancing ballerina.

Keep those cameras handy, after the discussions I heard tonight, you never know just what these characters will do next. Sure to be a laugh involved though!!!

Tomorrow we say Goodbye to our Dear friends June and Cassie for a while (but they have promised to return). Thank you ladies, you have been wonderful!!!

So come on down to Camp Romeo or Camp Bravo and stay for a while, enjoy the natural atmosphere before the gas companies finish destroying it!!!

Peoples Blockade-Day 18
Mar 31, 2011
Posted by Debbi in Group action


Our legal team have bamboozled QGC and the QLD police!

QGC has finally been pulled up. Our lawyers presented QGC with a letter on behalf of the landowner complaining that they were breaching their contract with him by having road and pipeline corridors that were much wider than he had agreed to. The ah-ha moment for BG came when they realised that, if they had done that with Bryce, they probably have done it with many other landowners and even breached their environmental authorities.

This has now become a civil matter to be played out in the court, not by QGC’s new security team-The QLD Police Force, who have packed up their gear and moved out.

We have now reclaimed our camp site on Bryce’s property, again with permission and appropriately named it CAMP BRAVO, and we will continue to occupy CAMP BRAVO until we are 100% certain that QGC will fight it out in the courts.

The pipeline may have made it onto the Tara estate but it is blocked at Bryce’s place, well before they have made it to any wells. So for the moment at least, they can’t move.

We would just like to thank everyone for their continued support, not only to the people who made it out to Tara to help man our blockade, but for the financial support, and also for those people who arranged for people to be here.

A HUMUNGOUS THANKYOU to Drew, June and Cassie!

We couldn’t have done this without you!!!

This is just one small but very important victory in this huge fight, and we now know that with the rest of Australia behind us,

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