Consultation with residents - the British Gas way

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Consultation with residents - the British Gas way

Postby HVPA_research » Sun Apr 03, 2011 5:18 pm

This article Threats ignite gas line fight by John McCarthy
from The Courier-Mail, March 09, 2011, predicts the public relations strategy of Queensland Gas (owned by British Gas since 2008 ) when it comes to dealing with local residents in Tara and beyond. The information was leaked or "leaked" by the BG company layers. The strategy is simple - call Queensland Police and bully the residents. Exactly that happened last week in Tara (see all Western Downs Alliance or HVPA Research Archives.)

Although QGC said it was committed to consultation, a leaked letter from company lawyers shows one strategy next week will be to call in the police for any obstruction, even if people were occupying footpaths, public land or roads.

The advice said that screaming abuse or shaking a fist directly in the face of QGC staff could be considered assault under the Criminal Code.

"To the extent that civil remedies may be available, damages and injunctive relief could be sought against the offences of trespass or nuisance. This is considered a more difficult remedy to obtain," the advice said.

A letter to be handed to protesters also details the company's legal right of access.

"QGC considers that your conduct is an obstruction. A fine of up to $50,000 may be imposed," it said.

The company said it wanted to contribute positively to the communities and that included spending $1 billion on treating salty water so it can be re-used and $150 million on managing social impacts.

As it turned out, what happened last week was exactly as John McCarthy has predicted! (seePeoples Blockade Day 16 and 17).
This morning there was an extremely strong police presence throughout the estate, and it is rather disappointing to find that they appear to be harassing residents. They have been pulling over most vehicles throughout the day, requesting names and addresses of the cars occupants and questioning what they are doing in the street, also giving some of the vehicles a good going over.

Some of us started the day on private property at Robbo’s Road. Soon the peaceful sounds of the birds chirping were drowned out by the destructive sound of a bulldozer destroying nearby bushland.

After a while the dozer stopped and we were at a stand off. It needed to be where we were and we were not moving.

Before long the police converged in great numbers of at least 40 along with QGC’s Barry Naylor project manager for gathering system,and other QGC minions, to remove us.(some police even sneaking around in the bush, near where a couple of our ladies had just been moments before.)Have the police force ever heard of overkill? There were even more police at the front gate,as well as horse floats and motorbikes. We have proven time and time again, we are NON VIOLENT, and not into SABOTAGE.


This undemocratic approach may actually backfire when Anna Blight, hero of the Queensland Floods, asks her people for re-election.
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