Video: "Why Tara is Blockading QGC

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Video: "Why Tara is Blockading QGC

Postby HVPA_research » Tue Apr 12, 2011 7:02 pm

Video: "Why Tara is Blockading QGC - The Tara Blockade of Coal Seam Gas Company QGC" .
This video explains the easy steps the gas companies use to create gaslands:
First a spot of exploration, few core holes - nothing to worry about. Then some seismic work - all completely harmless. Then a few pilot wells - we must find out if the methane gas will actually flow. It flows well, we need a pipeline to connect the wells - we do not want the gas to escape into the atmosphere, we care about this climate change, you know! We also need a small dam for "associated" water from our gas wells. It is a bit salty but we will build a desalination plant powered by the coal seam gas, of course. People in Toowoomba will love to drink it. All is going really well so we need to build a gas processing plant and few diesel-powered compressor stations. We can assure you that the noise and smell is nowhere as bad as some uninformed people say. It will be all strictly within the government health limits. We are almost done, we just drill another 40,000 gaswells (300 - 600 m apart) for starters, and sell all the liquefied gas to the nice people up North.
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