Gas problems in Northern Rivers area

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Gas problems in Northern Rivers area

Postby HVPA_research » Thu May 05, 2011 8:55 pm

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Strange things are happening up North. [url]Rather gas than wind...[/url] says the new broom at Metgasco without offering any support for his conclusions. More about that later.
New Metgasco managing director Peter Henderson believes gas is the answer to NSW’s insatiable appetite for electricity and makes no apology if that means people have to live within sight of well heads. He also says coal seam gas mining and agriculture could exist side by side.

Then we have these letters to the editor(
RVC roused

Rous Water sent Richmond Valley Council a letter asking that any requests for CSG mining or exploration be forwarded to Rous for evaluation and comment. Cr Donella Kinnish put up the motion and not one of the Richmond Valley councillors would second it. So it could not even be discussed.

Let's be clear what we're talking about here. This is a request by Rous Water to be notified if our water could be impacted by CSG. It is not a call to stop it, it's just a request to be notified of threats.

This tells me that Cr Donella Kinnish is the only one on that council who cares about our health and environment and our precious water supplies.

Mayor Col Sullivan and Deputy Mayor Stuart George are on the Rous Water council. I find it confusing that they didn't support the call from Rous Water.

I believe that the viability of the cattle and agricultural industry in this area is continually eroded by the strange decisions by this council.

Dean Draper

Open letter to Clarence MP Steve Cansdell

The mining companies are pulling the wool over your eyes mate. This quote (below) comes from the report you sent via email that you say justifies the use of fracking chemicals. Tell me why it is illegal under the Clean Waters Act for me to pour a bottle of beer down a stormwater drain (something I have witnessed police do over and over) but it is okay for a company to direct inject a bunch of poorly researched chemicals into substrata that adjoin and interact with water tables and lenses that people and stock use for potable and irrigation uses.

Mate, I'm a farmer, and an environmental scientist and will not sit by and let this sort of thing happen on my land so you better get with the program and take a stand for farmers and the land we love and help avoid a revolution out there. Because if just one person gets mad enough about this, it won't be just fracking chemicals that seep into the groundwater. I fear that you underestimate the passion farmers have about this issue, and as it's not just one big open cut somewhere, the drillers are eventually gonna piss off the wrong person. I hope it's not me.

“Available scientific literature indicates that hydraulic fracturing fluid performance became prevalent in the late 1980s and the 1990s. Most of the literature pertaining to fracturing fluids relates to the fluids' operational efficiency rather than their potential environmental or human impacts. There is very little documented research on the environmental impacts that result to the injection and migration of these fluids into subsurface formations, soils and USDWs.”

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