Palmer blasts 'poisonous' coal seam gas industry

Social, legal and health issues related to air and water toxic pollution in Australia.

Palmer blasts 'poisonous' coal seam gas industry

Postby HVPA_research » Sun Aug 28, 2011 10:52 pm

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Some comments from Denis Wilson related to this article:

Dear AWC members and friends.

This is the text of an ABC News item of Clive Palmer's outburst against CSG.

I had heard this on radio, but had not picked up on the fact that he attributes his claim to advice from his Chinese colleagues, who say they abandoned years ago the CSG technologies currently being used in Australia.
Interesting indeed.

From another point of view, it is interesting if this represents the Mining Industry people starting to fight eachother. No doubt Mitch Hooke will whip them back into shape.

My first impression of this was that Clive Palmer is smart and cunning, and might have been just trying to make someone else in the Mining Industry look bad. But the sourcing of this advice back to his Chinese colleagues makes that view less likely, and suggests he really does believe what he says.

Denis Wilson
"The Nature of Robertson"

Denis is right there is something strange here.

The Queensland mining billionaire told the crowd that his Chinese counterparts had delivered a stern warning.

"Coal seam gas technology currently used in Australia is lethal and will kill Australians, poison our water table and destroy the land," he said.

Speaking to the ABC after making his address, Mr Palmer said international firms are worried that companies undertaking exploration in Australia do not have sufficient expertise.

Really? All the fracking technology and most chemicals come from America and this is where the anti-fracking movement started. This is what is used here and probably in China as well. There are no reports of any separate Chinese expertise. So far the only new fracking technology we are aware of is petro-fracking which uses propane instead of water. It is probably too expensive for practical use.
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