CSG chemical screening is working: Bligh

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CSG chemical screening is working: Bligh

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This is a continuation of the Arrow Energy BTEX contamination saga. As predicted, Anna Blight uses it to "prove" that Queensland self-regulation of the CSG industry is working.


Here is an archived version of this very clear analysis of this situation.

Dear All,

As expected Queensland Labour, via Anna Bligh have responded in the attached article with their trademark Hawker Britton interposed spin.

Spin is fine if it's moral and truthful. Unfortunately Bligh's comments are subjective in their morality and honesty to the point they dramatically contradict with previous statements and policy.

Anna Bligh says "The detection of cancer causing chemicals at another of Arrow Energy's Coal Seam Gas (CSG) fields shows the screening process is working". What a load of nonsense. It only shows what the results of the testing shows. That BTEX was found in a number of wells above the environmentally safe standard of 1 part per billion. To extrapolate from a small sample of wells to the entire chemical footprint of the industry is so disingenuous that it could not possibly be construed as truthful. How would Bligh know what she doesn't know (or doesn't want to know) using a sample of this size? If she was honest she'd admit this fact.

Bligh goes on to say "routine tests are working". That the BTEX chemicals are "very, very minute". What are the tests "working" to achieve? The identification of harmful chemicals above an environmentally acceptable standard is my understanding. These "very minute" chemicals were sufficient justification to shut down Cougar Energy in Kingaroy. Yet concentrations 800% higher are "very minute" when it comes to Arrow Energy. Bligh is exhibiting an extraordinary double standard.

Bligh further says "the amount of these chemicals indicate this is has been from some lubricant on the bore itself when it was sunk". Really! These bores have existed since December 2010. This is not the first time they have been tested. In any case, how would she know what caused the results? The answer is she's just guessing in the hope it doesn't lead to the shutdown of another of her CSG revenue generators.

Bligh says "you'd find more BTEX on suburban streets than the amount that's been detected here". Problem is you don't drink water off suburban streets.

If these bores are so irrelevant, why were they sunk in the first place? Why are they being monitored?

If the safe environmental limit is 1 part per billion, why is 16 parts per billion acceptable for Arrow Energy and not for Cougar Energy.

The reality is this government is oozing lies like a suppurating wound. They are flying on fantasy and myth without the slightest anchor to the ground. These are the signs of a government that is compounding its untruths and subjectivising reality to the point of nihilistic oblivion.

Who does Bligh think she's fooling? Apparently a bunch of journalists who don't have the brains to ask simple questions like the ones above!

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