What Santos pays a farmer for CSG wells on his/her land

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What Santos pays a farmer for CSG wells on his/her land

Postby HVPA_research » Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:34 am

Initial Payment. Annual Payment(indexed by CPI)

Significant Project: 40 wells, campsites, water management pond, flowlines, road access
Initial:$260,000 + in-kind works
Annual: $100,000

Mid range Project : six wells, campsite, communication tower, flowlines
Initial: $44,000 + in-kind works
Annual: $14,000

Minimal Project: one well
Initial: $5,000 + in-kind works
Annual: $1,500

Remember – the revenue from one well is about $800K pa; a well lasts about 10 yrs.

Hardly fair compensation given:
a) The disruption to farming enterprise activities (wells 500 to 750 m apart, connected by roads & pipelines, production water storage facilities, construction camps. etc).
b) The loss of control on who comes on your land
c) The visual & noise impacts
d) The unknown potential damage to your groundwater resources

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