Power demand taken up by gas

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Power demand taken up by gas

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Subject: Power demand taken up by gas - Local News - News - General - Newcastle Herald


It would not require a soothsayer to know Hartcher would soon be making the comments in the linked article below.

In addition to the industry saying "we Want CSG", Hartcher is now saying we need Coal Seam Gas. This is an absolute lie. The government simply wants Coal Seam Gas because it has put it's eggs in the "Gas fired generation" market. They got it badly wrong by listening only to the industry's propaganda.

Let's go back to fundamentals. We export 89% of our coal. We are not short of coal, we simply need to export something else to make up the loss of GDP and export revenue from keeping the resource for our own use. This doesn't amount to billions or even hundreds of millions of dollars. We are planning to export almost all of our Coal Seam Gas. Someone's not telling the truth here.

Our domestic gas is being increasingly consumed for power generation. Hence the projected (not actual) shortages. The reality is the proven and probably reserves of Gas in South Australia and Victoria are going to increase dramatically over the coming years. Santos recently announced it was intending to do extensive further drilling around it's Moomba, Ballera, Jackson, Nacowlah, etc. fields in Western Queensland. This means they know there are reserves that can be tapped. They don't drill unless they have a good idea they won't be wasting their money.

Last week an article in the press confirmed world parity pricing for Coal Seam Gas would be established when the Gladstone export terminal was operating. Any benefit from Gas under a carbon pricing scheme would thus be annihilated by the higher international price for gas. In other words, if we don't pay more for our domestic gas (in the form of gas-fired electricity or direct use) we'll see shortages as the gas will be exported to the highest bidder.

The reality is we need to build more coal fired power stations until such a time as renewable energy sources are economically viable. The alternative is blackouts or destruction of quality farmland. Seems pretty straightforward to me!

What's very obvious is the poor quality of our political leadership. If we want to keep our inflation levels down, it would help to keep the price of power down. This in turn will keep our interest rates low. Thus helping us to improve our standard of living. The higher our standard of living the more capital we'll have to invest in pollution reduction. Exporting gas and coal gives other countries the energy benefit while we wear the environmental degradation. How utterly stupid are we for allowing this???


This is spot on! NSW and Australia as a whole have no credible future energy policy. Government officials make it up as they go along. Few years ago the answer was CLEAN COAL - have you heard about clean coal recently? Now the answer to our future energy needs is COAL SEAM GAS - not for local use but for export! Domestic gas users, that is us, should pay world prices that may be four times the current domestic price. Try to figure out that one!

There is not much that can be added to this brilliant analysis. We are facing huge future energy problems. The best scientific evidence indicates that the climate change is real. We may need all the clean forms of energy available and that should include the nuclear power. In a huge country like Australia we should also start to worry again about the future supply of transport fuels. We have probably crossed the local peak oil on this continent already.
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