GasWatch 121. AGL Invading Broke and Bulga

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GasWatch 121. AGL Invading Broke and Bulga

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GasWatch121. AGL Energy: Invading Broke and Bulga with threats of hundreds of methane extraction wells.
The National Day of Action backed by Lock the Gate Inc., was a resounding success across Australia.

Thousands of people turned out in most States to show the Government that it is the people who tell the Government how to approach the coal seam methane gas invasion, not the coal seam methane miners.

The rally at Broke attracted 400 people. Not bad for a town with a population of just over 500 residents, adults and children.

Speakers at the Broke rally spoke of:
• the physical dangers of coal seam methane extraction – risk to fresh groundwater; risk to vegetation; risk of bringing millions of tonnes of salt and other contaminants to the surface; and more;
• the health risks, physical and mental, associated with this insidious industry;
• the coal seam methane gas invasion in Queensland where in Chinchilla it started with a couple of bore holes, now 4,000 wells and approval for, wait for it, 40,000 wells;
• the environmental credentials of AGL Energy with its well blow out in Camden and its dumping of hundreds of thousands of litres of saline contaminated water onto pasture at Bulga;
• the purchase by AGL of agricultural and prime viticultural land in Broke and Bulga where AGL has been unable to obtain access agreements with landowners;
• the pressure AGL is putting on the Government by spending big dollars;
• the evidence given by AGL to the Senate Enquiry saying they would move on if there was landowner opposition, and AGL’s refusal to move on;
• the petition with more than 10,000 signatures which was to be presented imminently to the Government;
• the need for community solidarity to show the Government that they must protect farmers;
• Locking your Gate against methane miners, including AGL Energy;
• and plenty more.

The assembled crowd called upon the Government through the relevant Ministers, and the local member for the Upper Hunter George Souris, to honour its pre-election commitment to protect the Hunter Vineyard areas from coal seam methane gas exploration and extraction.

Congratulations to Broke and Bulga for their commitment.

AGL Energy has let the community down and should now pay for it.
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