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Energy analyst turns up heat on new gas projects

PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 10:00 pm
by HVPA_research
Paddy Manning in Sydney Morning October 28, 2011 reports on increasing criticism of the Australian CSG scene.

Farmers pledge to continue blockade

Liverpool Plains Farmers launch blockade against coal-seam gas

Senior energy analyst Gundi Royle has broken ranks with her colleagues, attacking industry and regulators for failing to conduct independent regional modelling of the groundwater impacts of up to $80 billion in planned coal seam gas (CSG) development, mostly in Queensland.

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Royle, an Australian-trained hydrogeologist now based in France, says the scale of these CSG-to-LNG projects is unprecedented and "groundwater issues will take years to emerge, by which time the industry has taken out the profits, leaving the Australian taxpayer to deal with the liabilities".

Royle, 57, worked as a geologist for Esso, Santos and Ampol Exploration in Australia before joining the finance industry here and in Britain, including as managing director of Deutsche Bank in London. She says the oil and gas industry is "very, very good at reservoir modelling … but it needs to be done on a regional scale, not a project scale''.

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