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Viability of CSG mining under carbon tax questioned

PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2011 6:46 am
by HVPA_research


Dear All,

One by One financial analysts discover the facts about Coal Seam Gas. See link below.

The CSG industry doesn't want you to know their major "selling point" is a lie i.e. Coal Seam Gas doesn't reduce carbon dioxide emissions in comparison to Coal.

The trickiness is in the accounting for the emissions. The industry leaves out components of the life cycle emissions in it's accounting. This reduces the overall carbon dioxide emissions to make Coal Seam Gas appear more environmentally friendly. In essence they're cooking the books (with gas).

If Coal Seam Gas is more carbon intensive than coal, the federal government's strategy to use Coal Seam Gas as a key transitional fuel is fatally flawed. Is it any surprise, notwithstanding the higher international parity price for CSG that presently exists, the gas companies are in an urgent rush to sign international gas contracts.

There are few whistleblowers because just about everybody is in on the racket.