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Gloucester AGL Blockade - Wed, 7-Dec-2011

PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:54 am
by HVPA_research
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Landholders Launch Blockade to Prevent Coal Seam Gas Drilling at Gloucester


Media Release dated 5 December, 2011 explain the reasons for the blockade. ( We have archive the original .DOC document in .PDF format for compatibility reasons.

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*Wednesday, 7-Dec-2011 *
More pictures pictures from Lee Rhiannon's Facebook site here:

More newspaper coverage from Lock The Gate:

* Tuesday, 6-Dec-2011 *
Gloucester AGL blockade (video)

* Monday, 5-Dec-2011 - From HVPA Members list *

The gutsy folk from Gloucester have made a stand. If you can help, details are below,

It's amazing that it comes to this to protect our food and water………….

May the force be with them!

Urgent Attention: Gloucester Blockade - re: AGL Gas - Started NOW, Today Monday Afternoon.

The peaceful blockade at Jacks Road and MarsenAirstrip Rd/Maslens - South of Gloucester Township, has been started.

Please ring John Dugas on 0411112072 or Robyn on 0404057550, also Ray Dawes on 0428191249.

AGL Gas will be drilling on a very productive dairy farm. The rigs have arrived earlier than expected. Tents are being set up in Ed and Tina Robinsons land next to the blockade.

If you are available to help can you come visit today/tonight or later and please ring any of the above mobile nos as above.

The blockade needs your peaceful, non confrontational support. Maybe if you cannot be there in person you may wish to cook or assist in getting the word out there.

kind regards
Julie Lyford, Pippa and Steve Robinson

* From Gloucester AGL Blockade *

Subject: [url]Gloucester says no to AGL's drill rig[/url]

Gloucester Advocate

06 Dec, 2011 08:47 AM

Gloucester landholders and residents launched a blockade to stop coal seam gas company AGL from putting a drill rig into place.
The blockade is at the intersection of Jacks Road and Maslens Lane, Gloucester.

“AGL’s 330 well coal seam gas project was approved in the last days of the previous government despite the fact that no independent study of groundwater hydrology had been undertaken” Barrington-Gloucester-Stroud Preservation Alliance spokesman Graeme Healy said.

“The Gloucester-Stroud Valley is particularly vulnerable to environmental damage by gas extraction because its complex pattern of geological faults and shears creates an exceptionally high risk of gas migration and water table damage.”
“There are inquiries into coal seam gas extraction at both a state and federal level and increasing calls for caution from independent experts. And yet, here in Gloucester it is still ‘full steam ahead’."

“We are blockading the road to stop AGL from bringing in its drill rig and will maintain the blockade until the company agrees to defer further drilling until a fully independent study of the groundwater hydrology of the basin is completed.”
“We have asked AGL to put the drilling on hold but they are determined to start drilling pilot production wells, despite local opposition.”

“The Gloucester-Stroud Valley’s life depends on agriculture, tourism and life-style settlement. We are deeply concerned that the proposed industrialisation of the valley will seriously harm or destroy its life-style and its economic base.”

“The Barrington-Gloucester-Stroud Preservation Alliance has launched an appeal in the Land and Environment Court against AGL’s plans for a gas-field in the Gloucester-Stroud Valley. We expect a decision will be handed down in the New Year.”
“The Gloucester Valley is too precious to ruin for the sake of AGL’s short-term profits”, Mr Healy said.
A comment is being sought from AGL.

Non violent action for Gloucester?
30 Nov, 2011 04:00 AM