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Dart Energy, Maria’s Farm Veggies and CSG industry spin

PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 6:14 pm
by HVPA_research
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[url]Coal seam gas deal at Fullerton Cove[/url] COAL seam gas company Dart Energy has entered into a commercial agreement with Maria’s Farm Veggies for a shared land use project at Fullerton Cove (near Newcastle, NSW, Australia).

Maria’s Farm Veggies chief executive Cor Disselkoen said the project would grow tomatoes, capsicum, and cucumbers in a 16-hectare glasshouse on Cabbage Tree Road.

The glasshouse project, which is yet to receive council approval, is expected to be completed by early 2013.

It would initially generate up to 125 jobs and up to 200 if expanded.

‘‘Having a local supply of gas is attractive for a business and we look forward to a strong relationship with Dart Energy bringing sustainable gas and agricultural solutions to fruition,’’ Mr Disselkoen said.

It will also feature a water storage and treatment plant as well as carbon dioxide sequestration technology.

This news went all around the world including NASDAQ:


This is quite natural, the coal seam gas industry needs to demonstrate that their intrusive heavy industrial technology could fit into the rural and residential landscapes. They need a lot of land and consequently encroach on the lifestyle of many people. They need some good news and project seems to fit the bill.

Mr. XXX is very enthusiastic and says that

The Dart Energy media release () lists the following advantages:


All this is good but is it real? Prof. Engraffea said in this seminal article that the best spin always contains some kernel of truth. No doubt this is the case here.

(1) Dart Energy has indeed some presence in Europe since April