National agreement on coal seam gas framework

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National agreement on coal seam gas framework

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Dear Australian Water Campaigners, Lock the Gate.

In my opinion this this is bureaucracy in action (or inaction).

I suspect the newly formed CSIRO / Gas Industry "research" group (GISERA) is designed to give the appearance of legitimacy to this agreement.
Two relevant documents attached.

I anticipate a strong push by Martin Ferguson, the Federal Resources Minister, to claim legitimacy for the entire CSG industry early in the new year, based upon some quick and nasty research by this GISERA group.

I fear that CSIRO is so impoverished that this association with the huge bankrolling potential of ConocoPhillips has overwhelmed their natural caution, in this case.

Any reports published by GISERA ought be very closely scrutinised, but the Media just "gobbles down" anything that CSIRO publishes (as automatically) "legitimate".

Forewarned is forearmed.

The following document comes from the NSW Nature Conservation Council.
National agreement on coal seam gas framework

The Federal Resources and Energy Minister and the Ministerial Standing Council on Energy have agreed to develop a national harmonised framework for coal seam gas.

This national response is an admission that state governments have failed to properly regulate this rapidly expanding and destructive industry. It also falls well short of the strong regulatory approach proposed by Federal Independent MP Tony Windsor last month.

The national framework for water management, well integrity, fraccing and chemical use should be supported by regional assessments of the impact of proposed coal seam gas and mining on aquifers, floodplains, native vegetation, farmland and native species.

View the national harmonised framework in this meeting communique ).

Take action today. Send an email action urging Premier Barry O'Farrellto ensure that critical environmental and agricultural assets are permanently protected from mining and gas extraction.


The following PDF documents were attached to this message. We have archived them for your convenience:
NOTE: this document discusses only national administrative matters related to CSG and does not take into an account the fact that CSG industry operates on private land and causes numerous social and health problems to local residents.
NOTE: This is GISERA's "motherhood statement". When CSIRO takes huge amounts of money from the resource industry their scientific independence and integrity are no longer unquestioned. They will have to go an extra mile to convince people living in the CSG or coal exploration leases that CSIRO or individual scientists are not in a state of result of regulatory capture.
Many free-market environmentalists argue that the problem of regulatory capture whereby large companies play a large role in setting regulations surrounding public or common property has created a system where things are far too biased in favor of large companies.
NOTE: So Chinese have now 15% in Queensland LNG venture!
Origin Energy Limited (“Origin”) advises that its Australia Pacific LNG joint venture with ConocoPhillips has provided the attached update on its signing of binding agreements with Sinopec for LNG supply and a 15% equity interest.
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