AGL's CSG water study at Gloucester walkout

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AGL's CSG water study at Gloucester walkout

Postby HVPA_research » Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:24 am

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Begin forwarded mess

Dear All,

More information on the Gloucester stand-off.

AGL have been completely out-foxed. Their manipulative behaviour exposed. Their response is simply to push ahead without independent assessment of their proposed actions. We can thus take it that they have little confidence in their assertions as to the integrity of the process they are proposing to engage in.

When will AGL come clean?

I urge those concerned to ring the directors of AGL at home and put your concerns to them. It is their duty and responsiblity to be answerable for their company's actions. ... out-video/

What is it about AGL and other CSG companies? They are not capable to honestly negotiate with the community. They talk a lot about their scientific research but want the keep scientific data secret and proprietary. We need to be convinced that the supposed benefits of the CSG industry extend beyond the management and shareholders of the coal seam gas companies.
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