Tonny Abbott supports CSG mining but knows little

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Tonny Abbott supports CSG mining but knows little

Postby HVPA_research » Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:33 am

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Dear AWC members and friends

The attached statement by Tony Abbott
seems to me to be a quite extraordinary "intervention" in the CSG debate by the Leader of the Federal Opposition.

He has barged into Tony Windsor's electorate, and pontificated about CSG being less damaging than coal mining. But clearly he knows very little about the impact of CSG mining on water. By contrast, Tony Windsor has been involved with various inquiries into CSG and water. For example, what does Tony Abbott know about the Namoi Water Study?

By contrast, Windsor is extremely well informed about water issues and CSG mining. Abbott's motivation is political, of course, because Barnaby Joyce has simultaneously announced that he will stand for the Lower House seat of New England, currently held by Windsor, "if his Party wants him to". The statement by Senator Joyce was carried (again) on ABC radio news yesterday. Joyce is, of course, a Senator for the National Party, in Queensland. The ABC news site has not caught up with that statement, but there is a link to a previous statement by Joyce on that subject here.

More significantly, Abbott has made his announcement on the very day that Anna Bligh has announced a date for the Queensland election. CSG is a big issue, and will be far bigger issue in the Qld election than it has yet been Federally.

It seems a quite extraordinarily clumsy intervention by Tony Abbott, and he deserves to have this statement spread far and wide, for its political ineptness.

While Australians are being urged to feast on Lamingtons and to wave the Aussie Flag, on Australia Day, I see no reason why Tony Abbott should be allowed to get away with such an ill-informed announcement, seemingly made at the urging of the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA).

Kindly spread the word of Tony Abbott's clumsy intervention into a subject of which he clearly knows nothing - far and wide.

Denis Wilson
Australian Water Campaigners.

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Abbott stirs pot with coal seam gas comments
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has stirred debate within Opposition ranks, saying a future Coalition government would support coal seam gas extraction "under the right circumstances".

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