Black Water + Purple Water = A Fracking Nightmare

Social, legal and health issues related to air and water toxic pollution in Australia.

Black Water + Purple Water = A Fracking Nightmare

Postby HVPA_research » Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:17 am

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Here is another heartbreaking story from Western Pensylvania. Rex Energy contaminated drinking water of Janet and Fred McIntyre Butler County, PA and in the end refused to provide them with replacement drinking water. Janet and Fred got sick with suspected arsenic poisoning and their family dog died. The regulator in charge, DEC, declared their water fit for drinking. The toxic contamination even extended into air when the gas wells were flared. This is officially called an "ODOR EVENT"!

Janet McIntyre, like many others, including Theo Colborn, had tried to describe to me in words the overpowering stench at gas drilling operations which regulators call an “odor event.” This blog reported on an “odor event” in Texas not long ago here. But when we stopped by the Grosick well pad on Woodlands Road and rolled down the car window, I was coughing to the point of retching within 60 seconds. It was not a mere “odor” or “smell” in the ordinary sense of the word — it was rather more like being overpowered, choked and nauseated.

Please, read this story with all the grisly details. The complete disregard of the gas companies and government regulators where health of people is concerned is unbelievable. Of course, APPEA will tell us that this is America - it cannot happen here. here is the evidence that Australian regulators are any better? After all, they just approved Rio Tinto's Warkworth open cut coal mine expansion within 2.6 km of our village of Bulga ( Where is the evidence that shale gas mining is much different from CSG mining! Is this the sort of industry we want in the Hunter Valley?
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