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Stealing the Hunter's beauty robs it of a future

PostPosted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:40 am
by HVPA_research

* Archived link and comments to an article in SMH by Bruce Tyrrell :
Stealing the Hunter's beauty robs it of a future

Stealing the Hunter's beauty robs it of a future @addthis. Comment on CSG projects by Bruce Tyrell. @LockTheGate

We have added the following comments:
Bruce is completely spot on! We need to preserve the iconic beauty of the Hunter.
However,there are many more environmental dangers. For example the air pollution by hydrocarbons escaped from the CSG wells. Air in the Hunter is already full of coal dust and power station emissions. Not much is being done about that. Do we want harmful emissions from CSG wells in the vineyards es well?

The ABC TV Foreign Correspondent screened "Meet the Frackers" last night ( It featured rural Americans diagnosed with "hydrocarbon poisoning". How do you get that on a farm where you live next to a gas well? It is obvious, but hard to prove. Many health conditions are hard to prove but they still do exist. What that would do to our reputation? By the way, the problem is not just fracking. Carcinogenic hydrocarbons are natural constituents of the coal and their quantity varies from one coal seam to another. You may recall that benzene, an aromatic hydrocarbon, was originally discovered in the coal tar almost two hundred years ago (Michael Faraday,1825). Have we any serious and independent scientific studies that prove that this cannot happen here?"

* Additional comments from Georges River Environmental Alliance *