THE GAS Newsletter 29 April 2012

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THE GAS Newsletter 29 April 2012

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Subject: The Gas

Hi Folks,

Here are some interesting articles for the week. The CSG industry is going
backwards at a rapid rate of knots.

Andrew Liveris states the bleeding obvious. See link .

Brad Hazzard puts his whole foot into his mouth. We always knew he was a smart alec. He's now under enormous pressure and starting to crack. It's good to know what he really thinks about matters. He is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

For those who are interested, check out his work on the "staysafe" committee twenty years ago. Not much has changed.

The NSW nationals finally realise protectionism might be a good idea. It took the potential dissolution of their voter base to get the message. The era of economic rationalism pushed by the likes of John Anderson and Mark Vaile is all but dead. What comes next will be very interesting. See link below.

Some economic analysis on CSG vs. Vines. Has anyone done this analysis before? Seems not. See link below.

We've tolerated the hyperbole from the knuckle-dragging Coal and CSG companies for some time now. It was tolerable whilst our economy suffered. It's now just on the nose. The proposition they offer to Australia is antediluvian.

The major CSG companies start facing up to reality. It's far worse than they are letting on. See link below.

The ABC produces an excellent segment on Coal Seam Gas. See link below. Congratulations to Penny Blatchford. She's an inspiration to all.

The ABC also interviewed John Cotter. A clear proponent of the CSG industry. How can this bloke keep a straight face when he tells everyone he's going to be balanced in his approach? He's simply a liar. He's on the record as saying he's interested in financial gain from Coal Seam Gas. The Gasfields commission is stillborn and will be repudiated. Jeff Seeney has lived up to his reputation as an obtuse imbecile in appointing his money grubbing mate as the chairman. It will be interesting to see who joins the Gasfields Commission cabal. Then there's the Cotter family interests in Coal Seam Gas, but of course that's another story.

Interesting legal advice received this week by Farmers at Bellata. See attachment below. Even more interesting is the APPEA spokesman's comments. APPEA now say their members "don't force their way onto land". This sounds like a recanting of a previously accepted doctrine. Is it now the industry's position that they will seek to "educate" land owners to the point of accepting land access agreements. If so, they certainly have a problem on their hands. .

"FARMERS with fences, improved pastures or contour banks on their land could have a veto over coal-seam gas exploration under existing NSW laws.
If upheld by courts, the opinion, contained in legal advice given to anti-CSG campaigners, would give farmers the upper hand in their battles against gas companies.
It could also get many planned gas developments embroiled in costly litigation over the locations of individual wells.
The NSW government has previously warned that failure to develop domestic gas supplies is likely to cause prices to rocket, and refused to give farmers a veto on exploration under its draft strategic land-use plans.
Under the Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991, landholders can refuse exploration where their properties have been significantly "improved".
The legal advice given to the Bellata Gurley Action Group Against Gas pertains to what, in practice, improved means.
In the advice, obtained by The Australian, senior solicitor with the Environmental Defender's Office, Sue Higginson, wrote: "We are of the view there is an argument that land containing improved pastures or that is under crop would be land upon which there is an improvement, and therefore land upon which the rights of an exploration licence holder cannot be exercised without the written consent of the land owner." "

That's all for now.



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