THE GAS Newsletter 3 May 2012

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THE GAS Newsletter 3 May 2012

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Subject: The Gas

Dear All,

Andrew Stoner, Deputy Premier of New South Wales gives us the quote of the
week, so far. At the massive and enormously successful rally in Sydney on
Tuesday he said "we're listening to every single one of you..........just
shut up mate". In other words, please just shut up if you don't agree with
the state government's desperate short term revenue raising! See link below
for a You Tube video of the Rally speeches.

You could knock the NSW government over with a feather at the moment when it
comes to CSG. Ministers Hartcher and Hazzard remain defiant like old drunks
in a pub. They've all but lost the fight. It's now simply a question of how
long it will take for the major gas companies to confess their sins to their
shareholders. Perhaps they should heed Horace Greeley and "Go West"?

The stink of increasing gas prices starts as the gas companies attempt to
create a price ramp to higher prices. See link below. Will the price
regulator do its job properly and limit the increase? In a separate story
today, Alinta Gas announced to the stockmarket it would make a loss selling
its gas to the West Australian retail market next year due to the WA energy
price regulator's refusal to allow greater than 8% annual increases. Perhaps
the same lesson will be taught to east coast gas companies.

Shale gas exploration is set to explode. At least it's occurring away from
good agricultural land. See attachment

An excellent new film on water is set to be released. See link below.

Alan Jones takes the chainsaw to the CSG issue day after day. See link below to his podcast page. Can we ever thank Alan enough for his efforts?

The NSW Upper House inquiry into CSG released its report this week. See link below for an electronic copy of the report.

Origin Energy helps out a competitor in need and hopes to make a fat profit. Santos and QGC seem to be having problems obtaining enough gas for some reason! See Attachment below.

That's all for now.



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