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THE GAS Newsletter, 14 MAY,2012

PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 10:57 pm
by HVPA_research
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As the Gas industry gets together this week in Perth for its big confab, a
certain amount of the cocksure attitude will have bitten the dust.

Dear All,

As the Gas industry gets together this week in Perth for its big confab, a
certain amount of the cocksure attitude will have bitten the dust.

Here are some of the interesting stories of the week.

Alan Jones gives the government and industry another well deserved thumping.
Boy, do they deserve it! See link below.

Signs of induced seismicity surface in the Lower Hunter. See link below.

Arrow Energy seems to have selective amnesia when it comes to their record.
See link below.

The cat is belled on the NFF. See link below. What is it with these
ineffectual "peak organisations"? They should either lead, follow or get the
hell out of the way. No doubt they're pre-occupied with jostling for power.
They have the hide to complain about the Labour party and its connections
with unions. They're as bad, if not worse for not standing up for their
members. Time for old Jock to be kicked upstairs? It would be better for the
cream rather than the crap to rise to the top.

They're right when they say there's a golden era afoot for Gas. It's just
not going to be in Australia. Our golden era is likely to be in food
production, tourism and construction. Industries that will generate a lot
more wealth in wage and fiscal growth than extractive industries. See link

The Japanese are scrambling for gas, having decided to shut down all of
their nuclear powered electricity generation. The problem is they don't want
Coal Seam Gas. See link below. Don't count on any Australian journalists
actually wanting to find out why.

Chevron seals deal with Japanese power company Tohuku for West Australian LNG
The Australian, by: Matt Chambers, May 13, 2012 2:26PM
Japanese demand has risen since the Fukushima nuclear disaster last year, but the heavily energy-supply focused
nation and The world' s biggest LNG buyer has not been keen to ink projects with the so-called non-conventional
coal seam gas export projects in Queensland

Mammoth turn out for anti-CSG rally in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Metgasco shareholders take note. You've done your dough. See link below.

Lock the Gate declares the Queensland Gasfield Commission and its leader John Cotter illegitimate. Jeff Seeney, the dolt and deputy premier from Callide, has fluffed things up magnificently by appointing a money grubbing dilettante to an important role. A public inquiry is needed urgently to resolve matters.

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