Potential Exposure-Related Human Health Effects of Oil and G

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Potential Exposure-Related Human Health Effects of Oil and G

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Link to this page: http://t.co/IUUK9VfB

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This PDF is already stored at the Caroona website http://www.ccag.org.au/images/stories/pdfs/literature%20review%20witter%20et%20al%202008.pdf but it is such an important paper that we have it included in our research collection.

Potential Exposure-Related Human Health Effects of Oil and Gas Development A Literature Review (2003-2008)

The work raises several questions:

- Where is an equivalent and up-to-date Australian health review. Should not our "world-best regulators " be interested in such a review?

- Should a scientific health review of the effects of their industry be on APPEA's website? They are happy to accept American technology, American personnel and American spin but when it comes to the experiences of the serious health issues, America is a galaxy far away.

- Was there a follow-up to this study? 2008 was almost five years ago and the gas industry is making huge strides ahead as they are not shy to tell us all the time. Here is a subject for further in-depth study. Any unpaid volunteers?

Here is a summary of the conclusions reached in 2008:
Overall, there is an apparent lack of research in this area. As findings from this literature review demonstrate, the research in the past five years has been inconsistent, making it difficult to draw definitive conclusions about the psychological and social implications of oil and gas exploration. However, based on the evidence provided, it is probable that oil and gas exploration activities can have serious effects on people’s social and psychological health. Despite this possibility, the oil and gas industries have failed to take reasonable steps to protect these families and communities.

Findings from this literature review make it clear that future research is necessary to clarify our understanding of the social and psychological impact of oil and gas drilling on individuals living in and near industrial communities. By better understanding this relationship, we will be able to more effectively intervene and mitigate these potentially severe social and mental health problems.

The paper comes originally from Roxana Witter, MD, MSPH Colorado School of Public Health University of Colorado Denver 4200 East Ninth Ave., B-164 Denver, CO 80262, USA .
It is a collective work produced by : Roxana Witter1, MD, MSPH, Clinical Instructor Kaylan Stinson1, MSPH, Senior Professional Research Assistant Holly Sackett1, MSPH, Senior Professional Research Assistant Stefanie Putter2, BA, Doctoral Candidate in Psychology Gregory Kinney1, MPH, Doctoral Candidate in Epidemiology Daniel Teitelbaum1, MD, Adjunct Professor Lee Newman1, MD, MA, Professor.
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