CSG Free Communtiies Strategy - from the Northern Rivers

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CSG Free Communtiies Strategy - from the Northern Rivers

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This is a very important initiative from the Northern Rivers. It strives to return to local communities the right to determine what type of industrial development takes place in their neighbourhoods . We all know that both the previous and the current NSW governments succeeded in removing this right from the local communities, as well as from the real environmental scrutiny, by declaring much of mineral exploration as major projects of the state significance. They prefer to deal with the coal and gas industry in their cosy offices, behind close doors and with as much secrecy as possible. For example, coal seam gas (CSG) exploration runs mostly under the Section 3a that the Liberals, before elections, promised to abolish. It is still with us even if the name of the legislation could change.

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Dear LTGA members,

Below is an outline of the CSG Free Communities strategy, developed in the NSW Northern Rivers and endorsed by the LTG strategy and management committees.
The attached document explains how to go about this process in your community.

CSG-free Community initiative
The CSG-free Community initiative, which has been endorsed by Lock the Gate Alliance, involves local communities declaring themselves to be CSG-free.
The initiative is spreading like wildfire through the Northern Rivers, with over 17 communities declaring themselves CSG-free and many other communities involved in the process.
Lock the Gate Alliance encourages communities across Australia to take up this initiative.

The purpose behind the initiative is to give local communities the opportunity to decide for themselves what economic and industrial activity is appropriate in their local area. It supports communities to take back to themselves the moral authority for determining the future of their community.
It gives local community members the opportunity to take action on an issue that impacts on them and their families.

Growth of the initiative
The first community to take up the initiative was The Channon near Lismore in the Northern Rivers of NSW.
A public meeting was held at which those attending were asked to indicate whether they wanted their community to be CSG-free. All but one in attendance indicated support.
From this public meeting surveys were conducted along all roads leading to The Channon. Of the 432 responses, 429 supported their road being CSG-free, over 99%.
Many other communities have since taken up the initiative.

Elements of the Initiative:

There are a number of steps/elements involved:
· Community meeting
· Vote at community meeting
· Road surveys
· The Pledge
· Community celebration and presentation of road declarations to the Mayor.

Community meeting
Outlines issues relating to CSG and seeks community members' views and commitment.

Vote at community meeting
Gauges opinion in the local community. Followed up by seeking commitment to be involved in road surveys.

Road surveys
Gives opportunity to all community members to have a say on what happens in their local community.

The Pledge
The Pledge is an associated individual strategy that allows community members to declare their level of support and ongoing involvement. There are multiple levels of commitment possible.

Community celebration and presentation of road declarations to the Mayor.
When the road surveys are completed the community holds a Community Celebration to make the declarations public and engages local government to stand alongside its community. In many communities the road declarations are presented to the local Mayor.

Where to get more information
More information about the community strategy and The Pledge is available on the CSG Free Northern Rivers website http://www.csgfreenorthernrivers.org

Michael McNamara

LTGA Management Committee

LTGA Campaign Strategy Team

Kind regards,

Sarah Moles
Lock The Gate Alliance Ltd.

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