MAPS: CSG Exploration in NSW

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MAPS: CSG Exploration in NSW

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*Archived from Kate Ausburn's website *

Here is a valuable Google Maps tool to put the current coal seam gas exploration boom into a perspective. Most of the NSW citizens are blithely unaware how much land is actually covered by the Petroleum Exploration Licences (PELs).

Licences to conduct coal seam gas projects cover much of NSW. The pin points on the map below show the locations of all of the current coal seam gas exploration and production licences in the state. Most licence covers hundreds or thousands of square kilometres, click on the icon to learn who holds the licence, and the rough area covered by the licence.

This current Google map confirms earlier observations that just about all NSW fertile valleys are open for massive coal and gas exploration. This policy has been followed by both Labour and Coalition governments. Neither of them has asked people of NSW if they want half of the state mined for fossil fuels export.

North Coast Environment Council, North East Forest Alliance
Media Release, 18th April 2011

“Using Department of Mineral Resources data, we found that 23.5 million hectares of NSW is already covered by petroleum exploration or production licences, and a further 13.8 million hectares has current applications pending approval. This equates to almost half of NSW.


All the economists, politicians and financial media pundits, who gush so eloquently about the current coal and gas export boom, essentially say that climate change can be safely ignored. Yet the science tells us otherwise Nobody put it more succinctly then David Roberts in this presentation: "Climate change is simple: We do something or we’re screwed Blunt but true!
What is the answer from the self-serving fossil carbon pushers? 'Head in the sand', 'business as usual', exponential growth in fossil energy for ever!
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