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Jeremy and Drew in American Gaslands

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:25 am
by HVPA_research
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28-July-2012: MATT DOMAN, Santos and JEREMY BUCKINGHAM, Greens ON TOUR

Looks like that is on the US tour at the same time. He is there to protect Santos gas mining interests from Jeremy's observations. If you a Twitter user you might like to watch the sniping from the frackers here:!/search?q=%23fracktour and here!/FictionTour/followers and here If we disregard all the personal attacks, there no serious argument left. Is this how the gas industry is going to convince the Australian public about the benefits of the coal seam gas? You can judge yourself - social media at its worse!


Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham is visiting four US states and Washington DC in a fact finding tour of unconventional gas. He will visit Texas, Wyoming, Pennsylvania and New York. Accompanying Jeremy on this trip is Drew Hutton, President of the Lock the Gate Alliance, as well as representatives from the Southern Highlands Coal Action Group.

You can follow their trip on the website
or on Twitter

Jeremy and Drew offer many fascinating insights from their trip. For example, the tolerance of Americans, or perhaps just Texans, to the gas drilling in urban areas and to the stink and noise from the compressor stations is quite remarkable.