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Saturday, 13-June-2009. GAS WATCH 71. AGL ENERGY buys two more properties in Broke/Bulga. Forcing the community to unite against them.
1. The Land and Property Manager, the junior employee of AGL ENERGY who has been given the task of leading AGL ENERGY at the Community Consultative Committee, told the last CCC meeting that they had bought these two properties; that in addition they had one Access Agreement in place; and that at this point in time they had no intention of making any further land acquisitions.

2. In another forum, on almost the same day, senior executives of AGL ENERGY declared: that they intend to purchase another 2 properties; that they have 32 Access Agreements in place; that they plan to achieve everything they want in the Broke/Bulga area.

So much for truth! So much for Community Consultation! . (read more in Gas Watch 71 ).

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