If you all think we are safe from AGL, then think again.

Social, legal and health issues related to air and water toxic pollution in Australia.

If you all think we are safe from AGL, then think again.

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* A note from Ian Napier that says it all...... Please read.*

If you all think we are safe from AGL, then think again. The fight is still on, and it’s about to reach the critical stage I briefed you on several months ago.

We have heard that it looks like the Minerals Council and APPEA have succeeded in getting our government to water down the provisions of the proposed gateway, when it applies, and the AIP.

Unfortunately for us, Brad Hazzard, the NSW Planning Minister, has rejected our original promise to exclude CSMG from the vineyards and wine tourism areas in the valley (like in SA and WA), although he keeps saying to us that we will be protected by the new Gateway process, new regulations to make sure what they do is safe (!!!), etc etc.

Apparently the mining camp is arguing for a reverse ring fence where their existing projects are excluded from the new tougher hurdles! And just 2 weeks ago we found out that the Aquifer Interference Policy will not apply the SSD or SSI projects (and mines and CSG projects fall under this category). So much for protecting the aquifers. Their proposed Gateway remains murky in detail; the triple bottom line analysis promised is still born. Wonder why I worry that the mining camp and APPEA and their mates in the public service are winning the argument?

Well, read on and get a little more information to help understand what we are ALL facing in this valley.

As we approach the time of the NSW cabinet decision on our area’s protection, I think it is probably worth everyone investing a little time to understand what YOU and your investment in property in the Hunter Valley is facing.

I am beginning to feel that only a few of us are funding and working on the initiative to protect the majority, and we need you to help more – both financially, and in getting involved.

In the meantime, why not invest $16 and some time to get a little broader exposure to the issues we are facing?

First, here is a link to a short film by the author of GASLAND. Click and watch http://vimeo.com/44367635 - it’s about a 15 minute investment to update you on post GASLAND events.

I sit on the Hunter Consultative Community Committee for AGL’s gas projects, and guess what – I hear them saying the same things about well casings and safety of their drilling and fraccing. I suspect we shouldn’t believe any of it, not for a moment.

Second, if you want Australian stories, I suggest everyone goes out and buy (or downloads from iBooks or equivalent) this book. I just read it. It really shook me to see the bigger situation she paints, and how the Governments all around Australia, the Public Servants employed by us, and the mining and CSG industry are all on one side. Only some under resourced EPAs and our voluntary community action groups are trying to hold them off – pretty unsuccessfully if the thesis of her book is correct. Here is a link to that electronic book, or just buy a copy to read and then hand it on.

Check out this book on the iBookstore:

Rich Land, Wasteland
Sharyn Munro
Category: Biographies & Memoirs

Or buy it from your bookstore, or ask the Library for a copy if they have it yet. (Better yet, buy it and donate it back to the local library once you have read it.)

Rich Land, Wasteland – how coal is killing Australia
(see reviews on Goodreads http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13638752-rich-land-waste-land)
A book by Sharon Munro.
For nearly a year Sharyn Munro travelled through rural Australia, visiting the communities in the coal-mining areas. She found a war zone. Here, ‘at the coalface’, towns and districts are dying — homeowners and farmers forced out by mining, broken in spirit and in health, or else under threat, in limbo and battling the might of the multinationals.
Incidences of asthma, cancers and heart attacks show alarming spikes in communities close to coal mines and coal power stations, yet the government seems powerless (or unwilling) to act. Once reliable rivers and aquifers are drying up or become polluted, once fertile agricultural land is becoming unusable. But the big mostly foreign-owned mining companies continue to push on with their coal rush and government continues to assist and protect them: ever more mining licences are granted, ever bigger mines are opened.
Sharyn exposes the real story of coal in her lifechanging new book, Rich Land, Wasteland, presenting an impassioned account of the human price individuals and communities are paying for the coal rush.
“I wrote this book to share with Australians what I experienced and learnt. Most Australians, I believe, are decent people who would be appalled by what is going on if they knew,” said Sharyn Munro.
Sharyn Munro is a freelance writer, who lives in a solar-powered mud brick cabin on her mountain wildlife refuge in the New South Wales Hunter Valley. Her first book, The Woman on the Mountain, was released by Exisle in 2007, and her second book, Mountain Tails, in mid-2009.

And finally, as I'm sure you have probably read in The Art of War, get to know the enemy: copy and paste this in your browser: http://www.wewantcsg.com.au/


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