DEA: Coal Seam Gas: future bonanza or toxic legacy?

Social, legal and health issues related to air and water toxic pollution in Australia.

DEA: Coal Seam Gas: future bonanza or toxic legacy?

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This is interesting, in that the Medicos are now picking up a range of "Health Issues" relating to Mining.
Presumably this will be pleasing to Steve Robinson and the Doctor from Singleton.
I believe this is an important, and a long overdue, response to a public health issue.
The recent work on covering coal trains is an example of how such issues can achieve public attention, suddenly.
As Actors say : "I worked 20 years to become an overnight success".
Thanks to Maria Reidl for picking this up.
Cheers, Denis Wilson

Recently Dr. Marion Carey from Doctors for the Environment published a peer reviewed paper on CSG and health issues in the Viewpoint magazine. The paper was entitled "Coal Seam Gas: future bonanza or toxic legacy?" and it can be downloaded from Doctors for the Environment views are supported by over fifty references. Their conclusions follow. There is little doubt that CSG and human health is a serious issue.

In the words of one analyst:48 “ in the rush to supply CSG to China, Australia could forfeit its water security, and consequently its food security….

It seems clear that every Australian has good reason to be concerned about whether Australian CSG mining will impair the
Australian way of life.”

Human health relies on the maintenance of a healthy environment, clean drinking water, secure food production, and supporting community and family life. Any major new development should ensure human health is protected. Adequate information is needed to support risk assessment and health protection. Greater transparency, improved monitoring and enforcement, and high quality research would start to fill this gap.

There is a strong case for a uniform national regulatory framework incorporating the need for health impact assessment. Meanwhile the precautionary principle should be exercised with any CSG development. The new CSG gold rush should not be allowed to endanger the health of generations of Australians.

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