A list of the 352 US families harmed by gas mining

Social, legal and health issues related to air and water toxic pollution in Australia.

A list of the 352 US families harmed by gas mining

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This is so extraordinary - i am in shock from just scanning this list.

There are 352 documented cases of families in the USA - supposedly the most sophisticated country on earth - where people have died or had severe illnesses - from exposure to water and air pollution from shale oil extraction in the USA.
And yet nothing is happening!

What on earth can people do to prevent the same thing from happening in Australia?


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This list is by no means complete. Many US families must sign legal non-disclosure agreements before getting any compensation. This is a common practice when dealing with the big oil and gas companies.

Beside that, there are also frequent accidents in the gas fields because this work is quite dangerous. Here is a list of 89 recorded fatalities. also from the USA Fatalities in the energy fields: 2000-2006. . Notice the unseemly low fines (if any) against the energy companies. This report is six years old. The current gas rush barely started at the time. There must be many more FATALITIES today. The following article explains why this is so.

The gas industry never tires of shouting JOBS,JOBS,JOBS! in the media. Yet they treat their workers as if they were as disposable as a broken drill bit

Disposable workers of the oil and gas fields
If you don’t have a college degree, it’s the best job in the West. Unless you die, unnoticed.

There is a federal agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, assigned to look out for worker safety. It either handles each state’s workplaces directly, or hands off the duty to state agencies. But the federal and state safety cops don’t seem particularly tough. They can’t do many workplace inspections, because typically there are no more of them now than 20 years ago, straining to cover an explosion in the numbers of workplaces of all types that comes with the West’s population growth. And when workers die in the oil and gas fields, the safety cops levy fines that are so low, compared to the profits being reaped, that families often view the penalties as insulting and outrageous.

Other aspects of state laws also appear to be rigged against accident victims and their families, making it all but impossible for them to sue even in the face of apparently extraordinary management negligence. At times, the industry and the whole government system treat tenaciously loyal workers as if they were as disposable as a broken drill bit. The victims’ own character traits — from stoicism to lack of formal education to a tendency to use alcohol or drugs or both — often set them up to take the hit.

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