Sensible reply to the voice of a fracking shill

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Sensible reply to the voice of a fracking shill

Postby HVPA_research » Tue Sep 25, 2012 1:57 am

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* Archived from Coal Seam Gas News Daily *

Andrew Duffy Mining and coal seam gas journo
Sydney ·
Andrew brought this masterpiece of the American journalism to our attention: "Latest anti-drilling claims are so much laughing gas"
The article itself is not worth reading since despite all the outrageous claims it does not provide a single reference link.

However, the comments linked to the above piece are more interesting. The following one is remarkably clear minded and represents our views exactly. It is worth saving just for the reference links. This is how an intelligent discussion about fracking should look like.

waterislife 16 hours ago
While the link between an influx of drilling workers and STD's may not be so far off base, ( ... z21BqLWxqN
It certainly wouldn't be my main concern regarding fracking. That may be likely with any influx of industrial workers, what concerns me most is that this is an industry which operates by poisons, lies, and denial of responsibility. An industry that thrives on pitting neighbor against neighbor and is thrilled about the insulting comments on this thread and the disregard for the humanity of people working to raise awareness that what happens to water, air, and farmland affects our health.

Those who have said that every single place the gas industry goes is left with contaminated water and devastated roads are making too broad generalizations. And can always be proven wrong by someone who is (currently) not experiencing problems (that they know of) from fracking contamination. Take out the absolutes and the truth remains that some people do not experience contamination (yet, that they know of), and plenty of people do. There are mountains of science, in studies and personal accounts, of contamination from horizontal fracturing. Some have played this roulette and been thrilled with the lease $$, and not experienced environmental problems (that they know of). Others have spent their royalties on health expenses they haven't had enough to cover, some have been driven from their homes. Others have stayed and wear gas masks, have to vent their showers, drink bottled water but can't afford to wash with it, live in bodies that are breaking down, have been threatened by gas companies for trying to tell their story. Nearly all who experienced problems after drilling began ( sometimes on neighbors land, sometimes miles away ), were told that it had nothing to do with the drilling.

The fossil fuel industry and their enormous political power / subsidies would like us to believe that there are no other ways to get energy on this planet. That jobs cannot be created through wind power, water power, solar power, sustainably produced biofuels, retrofitting buildings to use less energy.

Yes, gas burns more cleanly than other fossil fuels, however once again this ignores the truth of the process of extracting that gas, which is anything but "natural". Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, 21 times more powerful at changing the climate than carbon dioxide.

This article says there is an "absolute ban on drilling in the entire region surrounding New York City's reservoirs" There are farther setbacks mandated for NYCs watershed that setbacks from homes or wells, but to consider 4,000 feet "protection" is to immensely underestimate the dangers inherent to high volume, horizontal hydraulic fracturing. I certainly agree that the same rules should apply for water that feeds NYC and water that feeds the rest of the state, people are of equal worth upstate and downstate. If people in NYC were more aware of how dangerous fracking is, understood how often cement well casings leak and how fracking further opens underground pathways of migration .. (as well as waste pits, some not even lined, etc etc), there would be a much louder outcry when realizing that 4,000 feet from the watershed and just 1,000 feet from underground aqueducts is nowhere near adequate protection. (And, regarding the issue of water filtration, this also downplays the dangers of fracking - some of the chemicals in fracking fluid as well as the naturally occurring toxins it brings up from deep in the shale, much of it radioactive, cannot be filtered out by waste treatment plants.) ... tionNY.pdf

These are a few among many sources explaining the scientific dangers of fracking. They are backed up by many personal stories across the country.

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