AGL to overhaul fracking operations

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AGL to overhaul fracking operations

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SMH – 24 January 2013
Gas company AGL has promised a complete overhaul of air and water monitoring practices at its coal seam gas drilling operation south-west of Sydney, as the Environment Protection Authority investigates a series of apparent pollution license breaches.

The company said it was responding to concerns raised by residents and local members of parliament about its plan to drill 66 new wells between Liverpool and Campbelltown.

It follows a call by NSW Health for a ‘‘comprehensive assessment of potential risks to human health’’ in relation to the gas drilling proposal in the suburbs. The health agency said it had not been consulted early enough to provide advice.

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The Scenic Hills Association, which is opposed to the gas field expansion, said the EPA should already have reported the findings of the investigation, because public submissions in relation to the 66-well expansion plan must be lodged by February 8. The information would be useful when assessing the new expansion of the gas drilling project, the group argued.

“We think the government is irresponsibly trying to avoid the fact that it can’t manage this industry, no matter how much regulation it puts in place,” said the association’s spokeswoman, Jacqui Kirkby.

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