NSW: Gas shortage may be bigger than forecast

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NSW: Gas shortage may be bigger than forecast

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More and more we are hearing that NSW will run out of gas for domestic consumption by 2014-15 because some major contracts will expire and cannot be extended. In other words, we have to frack like hell for coal seam gas in order to to avoid a disaster. On the surface it appears that this domestic gas shortage comes to the same category as floods, cyclones and bushfires - nobody is really responsible! But hang on - somebody must have signed these contracts years ago and how come that they completely forgot to secure the domestic gas supply after 2015? This looks to me like a complete lack of planning, in fact it is a clear case of negligence. One such a company would be AGL - they are a major distributor of both domestic and industrial gas and electricity. They are currently getting conventional gas from the Bass Strait and from the Cooper Basin and a small quantity from their own pilot gasfield at Camden. southwest of Sydney. So why they did not plan properly at least a decade ahead? It seems that they probably did but that they assumed that by 2015 the Queensland CSG export industry will be in full flight, that the east coast prices will quadruple and that AGL will be profitably fracking everywhere in the Sydney Basin. After all, they managed the establish the Camden gasfield quietly under the radar of public scrutiny so why not do it again e.g. in the Hunter?. Unfortunately for AGL, most people do not like to live in gasfields and certainly do plan to spend the rest of their lives there. It came as a complete surprise to both the CSG industry and the government that the local residents started to fight. And so the AGL's CSG dream is slowly unraveling ...

The following reports provide some additional insights but we need a proper in depths analysis of the Australian domestic gas supply issues. After all, what is wrong with reserving some conventional gas, owned by all Australians, for internal use?

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The Australian is once again driving an "Pro-Gas Industry Agenda"
Gas shortage may be bigger than forecast

Yet the story includes this line (which is true) but without explaining why the Industry has the right to export gas, in the face of a supposed Energy Crisis.
"the three big LNG export plants on Queensland's Curtis Island are likely to put an even greater drain on domestic gas supplies when they begin exporting over the next two years"

It is a good example of why our Governments ought not just give exploration permits away to foreign companies, without at least ensuring "domestic supply clause" in their contracts.


The Gas shortage argument is the main line Chris Hartcher is peddling, in support of the "need" for the AGL Camden/Campbelltown gas lease to go ahead "as a matter of urgency". His argument has been refuted by BHP Billiton head of Petroleum (no less).
Supply of Gas in Australia.

Yesterday (14 May 2012) BHP Billiton Petroleum chief Mike Yeager told journalists the company had plenty of gas for sale to supply east coast markets.

“We want to make sure that the market knows that the Bass Strait field still has a large amount of gas that's undeveloped,”.Mr Yeager said. “We have a lot of gas in eastern Australia that's available. It's more important to let the citizens of Victoria and New South Wales, and to some degree, you know, even Queensland .. there's plenty of gas to supply those provinces for - you know, indefinitely.

“We have gas for sale and we will work with anybody at any time,” he said.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/nsw-to-press-on-with-coal-seam-gas-hartcher-20120515-1yo6c.html#ixzz2JvjNFf9O

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