ABC/Gloucester: CSG Industry on the way out

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ABC/Gloucester: CSG Industry on the way out

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Claims NSW coal seam gas industry on the way out
ABC National Rural News 11/3/13: CSG Gloucester

An environment group based in the Gloucester Valley says recent comments by the NSW Deputy Premier has killed the state's coal seam gas industry stone-dead.

The NSW leader of the Nationals', Andrew Stoner, told the NSW 7:30 Report that he wouldn't want a CSG well five metres from his property and that it would affect his property value.

The chairman of the Barrington-Gloucester-Stroud Preservation Alliance, Graeme Healy, says it's a significant statement by a Minister of the Crown
"For him to acknowledge that there are real risks associated with coal seam gas, and that property values will fall and that people just don't want it. Well why should it apply just in one area and not in another area? If you acknowledge this and you have a policy then it has to have universal application and I think people will start to realise what he said and will start to make a big issue of it. My group certainly intends to do that."

A meeting held by the alliance in Gloucester last night attracted more than 200 concerned residents from the Great Lakes, Gloucester and Manning Valleys.

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