Feds: More power over CSG wells and coal min

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Feds: More power over CSG wells and coal min

Postby HVPA_research » Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:07 am

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New laws to give feds more power over CSG wells and coal mines
The government plans to introduce legislation to ratify the water trigger as soon as possible.

The Coalition says the increased powers are not necessary and they could face a constitutional challenge.
Coalition energy and resources spokesman Ian Macfarlane said the federal minister was already able to get involved in project approvals and there was no case to expand federal powers.

Mr Windsor has insisted it is ''nonsense'' to suggest the move is unconstitutional.
He said on Tuesday that the announcement was ''a win for water and for the farming sector reliant on water''.
''My push has always been about getting a process that the community can have confidence in,'' Mr Windsor said.

The Commonwealth had been seeking to negotiate deals with the states about project approvals and had concluded agreements with Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.
Environment Minister Tony Burke accused NSW of refusing to agree to use the best science in making its decisions.
Victorian Energy and Resources Minister Michael O'Brien said those deals would be at risk.

Mr Windsor told Fairfax Media last month it was ''D-day'' and the Gillard government had to make good on its 2010 promise.
''NSW has shown they are not serious. They are not trying to fix the real problem, which is the potential for cumulative impact on water from numerous mines. I am not bluffing on this. I am not prepared to let it slide. There can be no more delays,'' he said.

The government's expert scientific panel has raised concerns about the cumulative effect of Queensland's $40 billion CSG industry on underground water supplies.
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