4 Corners Tonight 8:30pm.Politics behind CSG

Social, legal and health issues related to air and water toxic pollution in Australia.

4 Corners Tonight 8:30pm.Politics behind CSG

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Broadcast Times: 1 Mondays at 8.30pm and repeated Tuesdays at 11.35pm on ABC 1. Also on Saturdays at 8.00pm on News24.

How come that all the well-paid government regulators need Four Corners to remind them what their duties and priorities should be?

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Reminder - 4 Corners Tonight. Politics behind CSG.

Good morning all.

Four Corners tonight Monday - "Gas Leak" - http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/stories/2013/03/27/3725150.htm – revealing the politics behind CSG and a lot on Goucester.

The Blackville community has now joined Mullaley and Bundella in declaring itself CSG free. A fantastic 96.9% of residents voted in strong support of living in a CSG free community. Other communities on the Liverpool Plains are enthusiastically working towards achieving this aim and results will be posted soon. This is a strong message to the State Government and local council. Many thanks to Megan Kuhn who oversaw a team including Sue and Margie Wilmott, Nicky Chirlian, Barbara Ward, Julie Prowse and me.

Other pieces in the news include an article on Santos development at Narrabri.

Artificial lakes will be dug out of the arid soil of the Pilliga district, in north-western NSW, to hold millions of litres of contaminated water from coal seam gas wells. One wonders what happened to NSW Government banning evaporation ponds - Now to be called holding ponds and no longer known as evaporation ponds.


There is also a link to an interesting story about injection of waste water back into our pristine aquifers - One of Santos proposed methods of getting rid of their toxic, salty wastewater. "Santos says it could be treated for use on farms, or injected back underground to 'recharge' aquifers that may have been partially drained by the drilling". Look at this article on re-injection causing earthquakes in Oklahoma. Given that the LIverpool Plains is adjacent to the Hunter-Mooki fault line, this is indeed scary news. Furthermore the Corowra group visited last Monday and had with them a petrogeologist. He told me that all the little islands - rocky outcrops - on the Liverpool Plains have emerged through volcanic activity and have jutted up through fault lines.
http://www.smh.com.au/world/oklahomas-b ... 2gu2u.html

Andrew Stoner, Leader of the Nationals, says:

"I wouldn't want a CSG well five metres from my property. It's going to effect my property value a hell of a lot. Nobody is going to want to buy that value, ah that piece of land rather, um, and there's always the potential for something to go wrong, so I understand why people are concerned."

Coal seam gas Andrew Stoner ABC News - 22 February 2013.

And an inspiring story:
“...people in rural and regional Australia give their life
and soul to creating food for the rest of us to eat..." http://www.theherald.com.au/story/1363980/rural-australia-should-not-be-plan-b/


http://livinggreenmag.com/2012/12/17/energy-ecology/livestock-falling-ill-in-fracking-regions-raising-concerns-about-food/Livestock falling ill and dying near fracking operaton in the US.

This is just a snippet of the many reports being written about CSG.

Tony Windsor's amendments to the EPBC Act goes before the Senate in mid May when parliament resumes. I also apologise for my rushed and hurried release when this bill went through Parliament. This bill was supported by the LNP. However they did oppose the removal the bilateral agreement between States and Commonwealth. As I understand it, if this agreement was in place it would mean that these new amendments and responsibility for its carriage could be handed back to the states.

The ICAC saga continues. One tweet which came through to me from an AFR journalist was this:

Michaela Whitbourn ‏@MWhitbourn55m
Doug Cameron says his relationship with Macca "broke down"
in 2009 when he gave speech in parly opposing mining of Liverpool Plains #ICAC

https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/lockthegate/pages/288/attachments/original/1362578011/ourcountrytheirquarry%28medium%29.png?1362578011 Licenses covering nearly all of Australia - horrifying map.
NOTE: if the link above does not work for you try this one:http://www.lockthegate.org.au/calltocountry.

For a long term, many of us have been researching the failure of wells to maintain their integrity over the years. There is more and more evidence emerging that CSG wells cannot maintain their integrity

Major Failure: A Graphic Example of the Risks of Modern Well Completion Technologies


Remember to cut and paste some of these links to your Google bar to find some of these articles if they do not come up immediately.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of Easter and tune in tonight for Four Corners.


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