US Gas: LIST OF THE HARMED - all myths?

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US Gas: LIST OF THE HARMED - all myths?

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Our fracking friends from APPEA love to talk about MYTHS allegedly created by the anti-CSG forces. For example;

Quote from
The Myth: Natural CSG causes nosebleeds.

The Facts: There is no evidence in Australia or overseas that links natural gas, the same gas used by households and businesses, to health complaints.

So the following list of 1352 US cases are all myths! All these American farmers must be lying because there are no official government or industry records. Australian governments and/or APPEA do not keep any records of people harmed by their industry either. It is neater that way.
Incidentally, their own myths from the We Want CSG website have been de-bunked by Stop CSG! Illawarra ( already.

* Archived from US Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air *
Note: this list refers to all forms of un-conventional or conventional gas.

List of the Harmed
-Updated as of May 12th, 2013-
*PDF version here - List of the Harmed

The following is an ever-growing list of the individuals and families that have been harmed by fracking (or fracked gas and oil production) in the US.

This list was compiled by Jenny Lisak, Co-director of PACWA - Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air.

1. Pam Judy and family
Location: Carmichaels, PA
Gas Facility: Compressor station 780 feet away
Exposure: Air
Symptoms: Headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, nosebleeds, blood test show exposure to benzene and other chemicals

1352. Several Families
Location: Wilson County, TX
Gas Facility: Hunt gas well
Exposure: N/A
Symptoms: internal pressure reached critical levels. Evacuation 2 mile area ... -kosciusko

Quote from this local paper:
KOSCIUSKO -- Emergency officials are working in conjunction with representatives from Hunt Oil Co. to plug a gas well outside of Kosciusko after the internal pressure of the well reached critical levels.

"The pressure is past critical," said Wilson County Pct. 2 Commissioner Paul Pfeil. "We've got a potential blowout in a well. Hunt Oil is working at this time to plug it. There are no reported injuries right now, but we wanted to evacuate everyone out of the area in case it does blow."

If Hunt is unable to plug the well, massive amounts of deadly poisonous gas could be released into the air, which is what emergency official are trying to prevent.

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