NSW farmers, miners angry at new CSG rules

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NSW farmers, miners angry at new CSG rules

Postby HVPA_research » Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:38 am

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ABC NEWS VIDEO: NSW farmers, miners angry at new CSG rules
Posted Thu 3 Oct 2013,
Farmers and miners have attacked new controls from the NSW Government to introduce exclusion zones for coal seam gas exploration.

The problem with the new rules is that they apply only to NEW CSG PROJECTS. The following map from 2011 shows that there is not much of NSW left for any new CSG projects. All fertile sedimentary basins that support agriculture are under OLD CSG exploration licenses already!


As for the drilling under Sydney suburbs, that was always a "bridge too far". AGL thought that it was worth trying but backed out pretty quickly before elections. However, they still have a ring of CSG licenses around the most densely populated areas of NSW. If you live in the country you still have a big CSG problem/


It would be interesting to hear from APPEA why it is so important for the gas industry to have the right to drill for gas close to people's homes in the rural areas. The buffer zone is currently 200 m and all the social, health and environmental problems are obvious.

.As for the supposed gas shortage in NSW, it is just a clever spin. What the game is all about is to sell NSW gas to NSW people for the word prices!

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